“I wanted to explore a more melodic side”

Although it is his debut album, Paco Amoroso feel the launch of Arrow as a kind of lap. He says that he left the music for a little while and was able to relax, that pressure was removed. He also says that he feels the project as a challenge, personal and artistic, because it is his first solo work and also because of the change in sound. On the album, which he will present on December 10 at Niceto, the former CA7RIEL partner lowered his profile and embraces electronic music in song format to show his best version as a singer.

“I didn’t make music for a long time. At one point I realized that, I don’t know if I wasn’t inspired or what, but I didn’t really want to make music and I did want to do other things, “he says. “I went on vacation and there I started to write a couple of things. I had a loose beat that they sent me and little by little I started to get together with one, with another. I was contacting people with whom I had never worked to find this new sound ”.

My way of making songs is quite classical in structure. I never escape the song, I am quite a songwriter when it comes to making music.

How would you describe that “new sound”?
I got away from everything a bit. I started to listen to a lot of electronic music, to go out quite in a pandemic, with all that that implies. Basically, I feel like my quest all this time was to start singing more. Maybe before, when I started, I didn’t give a damn about the melodies, nor did I think I was capable of doing it. Right from the first songs “My wish” and “Las Vegas” there is like a whole melodic search of mine. And I coped with that.

And when did you realize that you could?
There, doing it. Testing. I realized that in order to sing you need pretty chord harmony, basically. Bah, at least where I feel comfortable. And sometimes there are chords you can’t sing on and they’re more for rapping. I also realized that I didn’t feel like rapping but rather to explore this more melodic side. And something crazy happened. There are styles of electronic music that are heavier, that I love, but they are not for singing, they are more a repetition, looping something or rapping. I realized that I wasn’t for that either: I was exclusively singing and developing that part. I tried to find a way to never lose the melodic.

Being sheltered in electronic music, it seems that this search is also aimed exclusively at dance, right?
Yes total. I feel that there are things that make me dance more than my album, but it was raised with that idea. In addition, I tried to never bore you. The themes are as short as possible, I tried to achieve. I feel that my attention when I listen to music is very limited and I think that people’s attention is like that too. The album lasts 26 minutes, in another time it was an EP. Today is more than enough.

What did you find in this electronics thing? At those parties the shows last four hours, but you made a short album. Did you take elements and adapt them for yourself?
My way of making songs is quite classical in structure. I never escape the song, I am quite a songwriter when it comes to making music. I feel like it was trying to adapt that, which is the way I compose, and trying to put it in a different world of sound than the one I had before. It was a challenge that was good. It was finding me trying to find something. What I took from the parties itself is this thing – which can be a house or techno song or a Miranda song! – to keep you always active.

You said it was a “challenge”. Is there a bit of that in artistically distancing yourself from CA7RIEL?
At 100. What happened to me was that, literally, I had never finished a song alone. I didn’t even know how to do it, nor did I have the willpower to say to myself: “hey, I want to finish a song by myself.” Usually people get up and start making music. My relationship is not like that. I don’t know why I never had the habit, it never happened to me; I never had the confidence or whatever it was. And not only was it a challenge to separate, but it was like breaking down an entire project that was already working. We played, we had our songs, our repertoire, people loved it. And suddenly it was erasing that with a stroke of the pen and starting from scratch.

Was it decided?
It was half what he painted. We both wanted to stop a bit because 2019 was five or ten years in one. The desire to play those songs was exhausted, the desire to tour. It was something half imposed by the pandemic that served us quite well. We both always agreed on that: we were already wanting to stop for a bit and this somehow helped us. In that idea of ​​starting from scratch, you had to understand what music you want to make and what songs are going to make you want to play not for a year but for three or four, or whatever. It was a more honest search. When you are in the eye of the storm, you are thrown into a whirlpool of what works and what doesn’t work commercially, although our search was never very commercial. We did what he wanted us to do, but the market led us to sell out shows, to go on tours, we had to do this and that. Starting from scratch was forgetting all this: forgetting to play, forgetting even to rehearse. Start with more freedom when making music. I think I was finding it.

There is a challenge in that personal search but there is also a search to empower oneself as individualities and not necessarily be the two of them together, yes or yes, right?
It is very difficult for two people to agree to make music. It can work, as there are also times when it is easier for just one to take the lead and not have to go around sharing anything. It was also a necessity for artistic individuality.

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