‘I was shocked when I received this decision’

Simona Halep has told how she has been experiencing a complicated situation in recent weeks. Just a week ago, the ITIA announced four-year sanctions against the Romanian, a decision that came as a huge surprise to him as he expressed his confidence after submitting evidence.

Shocked to learn of this decision

“I feel confident after the hearing because there was a lot of stuff that didn’t make sense and wasn’t fair. I was shocked when I received this decision. When we found out about the contamination, I couldn’t believe I was suspended for four years and I My blood was completely normal. They didn’t find anything wrong with my blood. It’s crazy that they made this decision based on everything my legal team had to offer. They judged me through scenarios, no evidence. “This It’s crazy,” Simona Halep said seriously in an interview with Front Office Sports.

I never took anything without checking it

“Mentally it was a disaster for me because I didn’t expect something like this to happen. I’ve always been careful with what I put into my body and never took anything without checking Anything. “I was shocked,” Simone said, that she was at least able to find the source of Roxadustat. A lab analyzing the same batch of supplements in Romania found the substance, but it was not listed as one of the ingredients. One volunteer took the supplements and tested positive in a urine test. A sample of Halep’s hair showed some debris present, but not enough to improve its performance.

“It’s very good to find out where Roxadustat comes from because it’s very difficult when you don’t know what’s going on,” explains Simone, who takes it on the recommendation of a physiotherapist at the Mouratoglou Academy Supplements containing roxadustat. “There’s no point in me accepting it, it’s going to be detrimental to me, it’s not going to help me.”

Criticisms about other players

“I think everyone has the right to judge me because the court found me at fault. I was told that those players were saying hateful things about me because I beat them,” Halep said of Serena Williams Serena said in a comment on social media. The American mentioned in “X” her 2019 Wimbledon final loss to Simona, which could have been Serena’s No. Eight trophies.

“It’s difficult to focus on tennis. I need to stay healthy, it’s a mental thing. When you’re emotionally exhausted, you can hurt yourself physically. “I’m trying to protect myself, so I’ll keep going to the gym to stay in shape . “

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