“I was so scared, it was like an acid trip. I left the room”

Beau Afraid is the latest work from psychological horror expert Ari Astaire: his career exploded with the highly original horror film Legacies, but continued with a long line of surprisingly unsettling and profound films like Midsommarr. His images continue to amaze viewers and critics alike, often leaving them speechless. Bo fears that the film, starring the extraordinary Joaquin Phoenix, may even outperform the average Aster film. The director’s fans and even critics found it decidedly unsettling, and certainly harder to read than Astaire’s usual repertoire.

But they’re not the only ones who have expressed bewilderment about a film made by a particular artist. Even the young actress, often under relentless media scrutiny, has expressed her (perhaps too) honest opinion about the film. Not what you expect!

Beau is scared, star Olivia Rodrigo’s honest review: She’s not the kindest

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has given her honest opinion on horror director Ari Astaire’s latest work. She’s certainly not the most flattering, but definitely very honest. His spontaneous reaction was, in fact, the same as that of many other viewers and critics, who found the work almost overly enigmatic and unsettling. But, you know, Ari’s goal is exactly that: to deeply disturb his audience until they understand why they are so upset.

Rodrigo expressed this opinion about watching the film:I’m a big fan of thrillers, but I’ve never experienced such a visceral reaction to an Ari Astaire movie, Afraid of Bo. I was so scared that I never react like that. I had to leave the theater during the show. I felt like I was on a failed acid trip.“. In short, this is not a product for everyone’s tastes, but it won’t displease a director who wants to stir up a lot of backlash and anxiety with uncomfortable and painful performances.

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