“I was told that the players who hate me do it because I beat them”

HA few days ago, news broke that an independent court had deemed Simona Halep to be sentenced to four years in prison for doping. The Romanian tennis player herself issued a statement explaining that she will appealbut now in an interview with Front Office Sports express total disbelief.

“I was completely shocked when I received this decision”Halep admitted. The former WTA number one explained: “I can’t believe they banned me for four years without finding anything wrong with my blood. It’s crazy that they made this decision. There’s no evidence, it’s so Crazy”.

I can’t believe they suspended me when they found out there was nothing wrong with my blood.It’s crazy that they made this decision with no evidence

Simona Halep, former WTA No. 1

That’s why tennis players He won’t be able to return to action until 2026, “I feel very confident after the hearing because there are a lot of things that don’t make sense and are unfair.”.

Halep has been provisionally suspended for one year. Now the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) has added three more courses.According to his lawyer, this means a life sentence because The two-time Grand Slam champion will be 35 when she completes her sanctions.

“Mentally it was a disaster for me because I didn’t expect something like this to happen. I’ve always been careful about what I put into my body and never took anything without checking Stuff. It’s really shocking,” he said.

Response to Serena Williams

The tennis world reacted immediately.OK WTA expresses support for ITIA And remind players of their obligation to abide by the rules, The one causing the biggest stir is Serena Williams. “8 is a better number”The 23-time Grand Slam champion posted a message through her social networks, alluding to how many Wimbledon titles she would have won if she had not lost to the Romanian in the 2019 final.

Halep herself defended: “I think everyone has the right to judge me because the court believes that I am to blame.” “I was told those players hated me because I beat them”. Patrick Mouratoglou, the former coach of both tennis players, comes to the defense of the Romaniansaying “she was contaminated by a product that was supposed to be clean. She is the victim.”

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