“I was very lonely.” Nicole Kidman starred in a new photo shoot and spoke frankly about her personal life and work in the cinema

Nicole Kidman starred in a photo shoot for Glamor UK (Photo: Glamor UK)

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman became the main character of the latest issue of the British magazine Glamor.

The 53-year-old movie star took part in the filming of a new photoshoot, authored by Australian photographer Stephen Chi.

Kidman gave a candid interview in which she spoke about her new job – the role of therapist Grace Sachs in the HBO television drama miniseries Play Back.

“What’s interesting about Play Back in the grand discovery: is the relationship I’m in really the one I want to be? Now it is very important. This is just about those thoughts when you have to spend all the time with a person who turned out to be not at all what she seemed. I think the psychological depth of the show is that things are far from what Grace thought and the life she lived turned out to be fake. It’s terrible, ”says Kidman.

Photo: Glamor UK

According to the actress, it was emotionally difficult to play a role in the series:

“But this is my job. For example, like a boxer. When a boxer enters the ring, he is told: “You must knock out this man.” And now you need to go outside the ring and don’t hit anyone while walking down the street. Thus, my job is a psychological discipline. You, as an actor, are told: “I want you to explore all facets of emotion and psychology. But then go back to your real-life and be perfectly normal. ” This can be very exhausting as I absorb a lot of emotions. That is why I had to find a way to balance all of this, ”says the star.

Kidman noted that her husband, country musician Keith Urban, whom she married in 2006, helps her to recuperate and return to normal life.

“I love to run while listening to music. And I have a very good relationship. For me, this is a very calming and comforting place, and he is a very strong, warm, and kind person. I am very lucky to have him in my life because I really found the very place where I feel calm – I can go and curl up, ”she says.

The actress spoke about the coronavirus pandemic, and also remembered her past, admitting that she was very lonely:

“They say loneliness is a great killer. Loneliness hurts so much, and I know it firsthand. I was lonely and it was very, very, very hard. We can see how lonely older people are. We can see how lonely young people are. We see a lot of loneliness in this world now. We can’t even hug anymore. Loneliness is an epidemic. So I am very lucky to be able to return home to my husband. It has become so obvious this year. I also have friends who are suffering a lot and for whom this experience is extremely traumatic, ”said the star.

Photo: Glamor UK
Photo: Glamor UK
Photo: Glamor UK