I wrote Back to the Future


Bob Gale (69) that leads to decades of listening to stories about the influence of the history that has shaped to your hand by Robert Zemeckis, in the mid – ‘ 80s, and with the company for a good part of the movie for the entertainment. But it does not cease to amaze with your stories of how you Back to the future it has inspired others to become writers and musicians and thanks to the famous scene from “Johnny B. Goode”, indicates to the writer, who collected fresh in the memory of his first encounter with a fan in Manchester for the premiere of the musical inspired by the tape at the beginning of the year.

“If you came up to me and said, ‘I Want you to know that the use of the Back to the future, and quite literally saved my life.” I asked him, ‘how is this possible?’ And he said to me, ‘I’ve Had a very tough childhood, and I’ve had to a father, very abusive, and my escape was to go up to my room and put it in the video Back to the future and The Ghost Huntersboth of these films have been instrumental in helping me to beat my children. You just Never know how things you do affect other people, but this was something completely unexpected and surprising,” says the Church.

Photo Studio Is A Universal One.

The screenwriter of the movie trilogy with Zemeckis, which is defined as the caretaker of the franchise, Michael J. Fox, the Tube is in the party. Yesterday, if you have completed 35 years since its release in the United States in the first part, held in by the Studio, Universal, a marathon, and in November, it will be the 30th since the release of the second one. In a double milestone, which once again brought me back to the great stories associated with the movies, or in the interest of seeing them for the first time, for those of you who, strangely, never have been encountered with the idea. Also, all of the mythology around the film, such as any of the more than 40 times what the claim was rejected, or, as Eric Stoltz was replaced at the last minute as He Thought. Be that As it may, she never stops talking about Back to the future.

“It’s amazing to me is the longevity of the franchise,” he says. “The fact is that, 35 years after the release of the first movie, they all keep on watching, they all expect to see her again. The children have seen, and in the ‘ 90s or whatever, and now they are showing it to their children. There aren’t too many movies that have as much as three of these films. It is amazing to me…. I never give you out of sitting.”

Your own capability of striking applied to the constant questioning of those who love him the tape, many times, questioning each and every detail in regards to the trip at the time, it is a perfect fit. “I think we can all agree that they love to do it, He Thought that Crispin Glover gives a wonderful performance, and Lea Thompson is amazing, and they all love it in this field. So, you know, that there is not a lot of room for discussion when we talk about the characters, but when people say, ” well, George and Lorraine remember Marty, and you believe that your son looks like he is, who he has met in his youth? These are good questions (laughs). It’s wonderful that people think of these things,” he says.

With the same clarity that is reminiscent of his encounter with a fan in Manchester, and Bob Gale points out, with accuracy, the number of students who attended the film school at the University of Southern California, where she is the director of the Forrest Gump in the first decade of the 70’s. “I had 47 students, and that it was the entire class,” he said. “Bob (Zemeckis) and I really enjoyed the entertainment in the world. That’s what we wanted to do, which is why we were in film school. There are many college students who spoke to the wave of French thought is, as Truffaut or Godard. “And I wanted to make a film from James Bond. (laughs). Just like the entertainment. In the influimos one to the other because of it,” said the mate, with what we ended up doing two films before the series that catapulted him to fame, I wanna hold your hand (1978), and Used cars (1980).

For several years prior to the Universal Pictures and Amblin -Steven Spielberg’s – have given the green light to the Back to the future and the tape has become the most sold-out of 1985, the United States has made slow progress in the career of both of them. In the same vein of the franchise, maybe a good laugh you Tube account, and the world would never have had the Time or the Doc’s or anything else connected to the franchise.

“Bob, I was looking at the set of a tv series for Universal called the McCloud. He came over to my apartment one night and said: “Listen, Bob, we’ve got to write an episode of McCloud; for it is missing in the argument of the season, they would be able to buy it. I’ve never seen her as soon as Bob picked up a couple of scripts in the office of the doe, we have looked at the program and in the ten days we were on the route, what they have learned. We ended up with a seven-year contract at Universal, they reject it, it really didn’t wanted to write in television,” he said.

“But you have this contract has helped us to be able to a member of staff to open the other door, talking to people who might be able to help us. One such person was John Milius, who told us that he had started a business because of Francis ford Coppola, and was hired to write the The apocalypse is nowand you have decided to hire us to give you a escribiéramos a post. This is the case, which became, in 1941. This could be a shorter version of the story,” she commented in between laughs. So, for your first time, a partnership with Spielberg-the path to glory, with his trilogy.

Zemeckis and Gale have been majaderos to make clear that there will be no more movies of Back to the future. A crucial part of the reasons is that Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and could not, repeat not, under any circumstances, for the role. But, as the years go by, the question is not just, especially when it comes to the return of the brand’s iconic ‘ 80s as a The Ghost Hunters or The Indiana Jones. In fact, the last one, is preparing the fifth version of it, with Harrison Ford, but without the Spielberg-as a director, to be replaced by James Mangold (Him).

“We insist on the fact that there won’t be another movie, Back to the future. If you do that, you have to expect it to be dead, so I guess they are going to do it. There will be no changes at all to what we have already done. I always say to people, I would like to see a Back to the future without Michael J. Fox? People are saying that it does, in fact, not” with it.

“I think a lot of people are very respectful of the fact that we don’t want to go back and re-visit the film, and it is for this reason that we have made to the music Back to the futurethat is , once the pandemic subsides we hope to revive it in London, and, eventually, to take her around the world, so that we will be able to see the story of the movie, as told with song and dance. It’s a spectacular, fabulous, and I can’t wait to share it with the world,” he says.

What are the tapes that are under 35 or 30 years from now? Gale said the bypass will be to the superhero movies. “I don’t have a clue as to which films from the year 2020 to see the people in the year 2050, it is impossible to predecirlo,” he said. “It will be interesting, I hope to be here by the year 2050 to find out.”