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Iasi: The coffin with the relics of Saint Parascheva, taken out in the courtyard of the Cathedral for pilgrims: Europa FM

The coffin with the relics of Saint Pious Parascheva will be removed from the Metropolitan Cathedral of Iaşi, on Friday morning, to be deposited in a canopy specially arranged for worship, next to the coffin with the relics of Saint George.

“Having the experience of the last days and wishing a longer time so that the pilgrims can come to worship, on Friday, at 7.00 in the morning, we will take out the casket with the relics of Saint Pious Parascheva. It will be deposited, as usual, on the canopy specially arranged in the Metropolitan Court. Along with the relics of Saint Pious Parascheva, there will not be, as in other years, holy relics from the country or abroad, but holy relics brought from here, from the Diocese. It is about Saint George, who received this nickname of the ‘pilgrim’ in 2018, when his canonization was proclaimed. (…) Those who will come will be able to bow to the coffin and touch it. As it was done before the pandemic, from time to time the scrap is cleaned and disinfected “, said on Wednesday, the spokesman of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and Bucovina (MMB).

The priest Constantin Sturzu added that the access to the holy relics will be made in the open air, on a unique corridor on which only one person can enter.

‘Pilgrims’ access to the Cathedral is already restricted to a single aisle, where only one person can be placed at a distance from each other. You can’t park in the cathedral. The route is designed in the courtyard of the Cathedral, in the parking lot and the courtyard of the Faculty of Theology. It will be a very twisted route, like a real labyrinth, so that we can make the most of the surface. It will take over a very large flow of pilgrims. Depending on how the pilgrims think, there may be more who think they need help. Some have already started coming, others are postponing for another time. If the number exceeds what we have prepared for the area of ​​the Metropolitan Court and they will have to go out on the street, we will take measures so that there is no crowding or crowding of people ‘, explained the priest Constantin Sturzu.

Because Iasi has a high incidence of infections, both pilgrims and locals must wear a sanitary mask, even if they are outdoors.

‘Those who do not have a mask will receive it from volunteers. Along the way there will be automatic dispensers with disinfectants’, specified the priest Constantin Sturzu.

As in previous years, the Liturgical Service on October 14, when the feast of the Holy Pious Parascheva is celebrated in the Orthodox calendar, will be officiated starting at 9.30, on a specially arranged podium on Ştefan cel Mare Boulevard, next to the Cathedral altar. Metropolitan. Access area will be arranged in the area for those who want to participate in the service and who, in small numbers, will be able to enter delimited spaces, so as not to create large groups of people and to be able to keep the distance recommended by authority.

The service can also be watched remotely on several large screens located in this area.

‘Otherwise we don’t have events, we don’t have concerts, book launches, no other events. Also in order to support the pilgrims, absolutely all the services will be held outside on a specially arranged stage, a stage on which the Holy Mass is already celebrated. (…) I could not make an estimate of the number of pilgrims to come. I don’t know what’s in everyone’s soul. All I know is that especially in these times when we are so difficult from a health, economic, political point of view, man needs hope, he needs to put his hope in someone, in someone to help us. everyone. And that can only be God. He needs to strengthen his soul. Man cannot be reduced to the body alone. We need to have a good tone, to have confidence, to be willing to fight if we somehow get sick ‘, said the priest Constantin Sturzu, the spokesman of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and Bucovina.

The mayor of Iaşi, Mihai Chirica, announced that the pilgrims who will come to Iaşi during this period must know that, after 20.00, the traffic will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the normative acts that apply in the case of the dark red scenario.

‘It is allowed only to those who are in organized groups, some we have seen that they were organized through travel agencies, which can prove that they are in transit or on pilgrimage in Iasi. They will not have to prove that they are vaccinated or tested because there are no legal provisions that oblige them. There are no restaurant activities, there are not even concert activities. We will try to take all necessary measures so that they do not become infected here. We have first aid centers and we will ask for the support of private ambulances. We hope we will not have major incidents’, the mayor of Iaşi specified.

The mayor also said that in the central area of ​​Iasi, road traffic will be restricted starting with October 13, in order to allow the organization of events on the 14th, when it is the feast of St. Parascheva.

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