“Icardi”: he witnessed the marriage of his friend and they married him to the bride | Chronicle

“My boyfriend went to witness the friend’s marriage and they married him to the bride,” With that message, the Twitter user @florcampolongo shared a hilarious post that went viral.

The tweeter showed the moment when her partner told her how ANSES got confused and invented a marriage with another person.

“Well, I have to go to the Anses because in this country they are very pelot … Franco (his friend) spoke to me to tell me Icardi. They married me to his girlfriend. The pelot … I had to edit it in the Anses actually“, the young man commented to his partner for WhatsApp and the screenshot of the conversation is all the rage. “Because I read what I signed, that part was all right, I am the witness”, added.

The post became a rage on social networks and the funny comments did not wait. “So you are legally single? Hello”, replied the “less slow man”, the first “vulture” that appeared in the post.

Another user commented: “Franco: well, do you give me my girlfriend back? The kid: which girlfriend?”.

The viral posting on Twitter.

The viral posting on Twitter.

Model married herself and divorced “at the touch”

Cristiane Galera placeholder image is a controversial Brazilian model who is a cultist of self-love. Just ten weeks ago, she uploaded to Instagram, where she has almost 200 thousand followers, a post in which she announced that she had decided to practice sologamy and had married herself. However, before she was three months old, she confirmed that she was divorced.

“Men have a hard time being faithful or staying with just one woman. They want several women at the same time. I like to be a priority and I am my priority. I woke up huh! Yes, people, it’s true! I got on the wave of sologamia and decided to get married. I am celebrating my self esteem and want to inspire other women to raise their self esteem!“She said next to a photo gallery in which she was seen in a white dress that highlighted her figure while playing with a bouquet of flowers.

Paradoxically, at that time he ruled that he was not going to divorce anytime soon. “A Sologamia for those who do not know is the Marriage of a person with himself. Have you ever wondered if this trend will become fashionable? This news had an impact here in Brazil and abroad as well. I am receiving thousands of messages from men and women from all over the world who want to marry me. It’s a shame, because I’m not going to divorce soon. Now I want everyone to congratulate me, “he published on September 13.

But the love ended … she cut off the relationship with herself because “she met someone else.” “I started to believe in love the moment I met someone special,” he said.

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