Ice cream, calories and recommended amounts without feeling sick

Nothing like this ice cream, in Italian culture, best symbolizes the hot season. An action that pleases the palate, refreshes the body and restores the senses – enjoying one or two scoops of fresh cream in whatever flavor you prefer. this is the essence of summer. The ritual, crystallized by the media through advertisements that have continued to be updated since the 1980s, showing everyday scenes in which ice cream is the protagonist, has come to every home through products of all kinds and types.

Often consumed in the middle of the day for an invigorating break or at the end of a meal to leave a sweet touch, ice cream is sometimes chosen as a meal replacement, especially when temperatures are high and the desire to spend time in the kitchen is proportionately reversed. However, the consequences of choosing this food as the main ingredient in the summer diet, and even in winter, leave room for many uncertainties regarding the consequences that this habit can have in terms of health. It’s no coincidence that the most popular internet searches related to this term are wondering if it’s good, if it hurts or, again, if it makes you fat. And then the question that we all ask ourselves, and perhaps even Dua Lipa: is it possible to eat ice cream every day?

Ice cream: how much and what kind to eat

Okay, but like all desserts or sweet snacks that are rich in calories, sugars and carbohydrates, ice cream cannot be recommended as part of a varied and balanced diet. Experts advise consuming them in moderation, especially if they are packaged and therefore fortified with preservatives and industrial ingredients. If ice cream although it is craft productionthe effect that this has on the body is less harmful than the product presented in large retail chains, since the ingredients used for production are usually fresh and of high quality and therefore rich in healthy vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, – he said. explains Dr. Laura Ferrero Vanity Fair. Those with health concerns, such as those who are obese, diabetic, or high in cholesterol, should prefer i fruity flavor and lactose freeand also those who are intolerant of it. So, if eating ice cream from time to time can not harm anyone, then, on the other hand, ice cream should not never change food. As Dr. Francesca Albani points out in Humanitas, ice cream does not provide all the essential nutrients that a good diet provides, and precisely because it is devoid of foods such as vegetables and whole grains, it does not guarantee the same sensation. satiety.

So a general rule of thumb for enjoying ice cream without compromising health is to eat homemade ice cream, preferably as a snack, and pair the sweeter, fruity flavor with the creamier, more protein flavor to better balance the nutrients. .

Ice cream: the best alternatives to eat it at least every day

Whether you’re an ice cream lover or not, the good news is that there are so many options today where you can eat ice cream every day without actually eating it. Among the alternatives, in fact, the recipes they offer abound. Do-it-yourself options without added sugar and fat., for example, 100% popsicles or protein mixes, even without powders and bananas, like the one that went viral on TikTok. If you’re especially lazy, frozen fruit smoothies or ready-to-eat foods are a convenient and quick alternative to satisfy your ice cream cravings while keeping your health and figure in mind.

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