After spending several months abroad in London filming an adaptation of John M. Chu’s The Wicked Ones (a 2003 Broadway musical written by Steven Schwartz to a libretto by Vinnie Holtzman), 30-year-old pop star Arianna Grande made a surprise public appearance in the United States to celebrate new line of foundation from her cosmetics company at Morgenstern’s Finest ice cream shop in Greenwich Village.

Fans who came in large numbers to discover REM Beauty’s new products and enjoy the free ice cream received an even greater gift than a simple double-flavored cone. Actually the singer was hide behind a counter and then appear out of nowhere and surprise them as a makeshift saleswoman.

“Today made my heart happy”

Ariana Grande herself posted a video on her official Tik Tok page with the caption “Today made my heart happy,” in which she, in a bright yellow suit and huge glasses, sat down at the counter of an ice cream parlor to then get up. at your feet and surprise your fans as a saleswoman by asking them what flavor of ice cream they prefer.

Ariana hugged her supporters and took selfies with the many excited fans who met her, helping them find the right combination of complexion and the right shade of foundation.

And Tik Tok was the greatest witness to this event and how the surprise was organized. As they say, a star hidden behind a shop counter until fans walked in and then popped out to greet them when they least expected it. In a video posted on TikTok by the singer herself, she can be seen calmly asking those in attendance, “What can we give you?. The reaction of the fans was i scream in full force, as soon as he realized who was “serving” him at that moment.

In another movie, we always see Arianna Grande until hugging a couple of crying fans claiming that his heart was filled with joy because of the exciting encounters he had. Grande then added:I look forward to sharing more soon, but that’s all for now. I have watched it 100 times. Thank you for coming to our @rem beauty ice cream shop! It will be open until Thursday!

Thus, in the Sweetener Shoppe, many assembled supporters were able to choose their own shade of foundation, taste delicious ice cream and be convinced of the quality of the goods. limited edition.