Ice Spice launches Like Ka Deluxe..?

with very little notice, ice masala Deluxe Edition launched on all streaming platforms like..?, his latest EP. The mini-project was released at the beginning of the year, promoted by Hits Forum And feelin you,

The rapper added a remix to it in April Princess Diana Featuring Nicki Minaj, which debuted at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has never left the legendary US charts since.

Like the four new tracks on Deluxe…? by Ice Spice

Ice Spice is undoubtedly one of the heroes of 2023. Thanks for the above cooperation with Onika, Boys A Liar Part 2, Karma Remix And barbieworldThe artist has already achieved four US Top 10 entries without even releasing her debut album.

Ice Spice announced the deluxe a few days ago, when they shared the cover art and tracklist on social media. The latter gathered four new tracks, all singles.

Riding on the wave of success, rapper Drill was able to conquer the American market, which could replace trap as the most popular subgenre. Furthermore, the artist has been able to propose a fresh and original image and aesthetic, setting itself apart from the competition.

The ease of his path is also due to the fact that Ice is free from the control of a major label. Unfortunately, we know how much labels can affect rappers’ artistic direction, especially if they’re female: it’s only happened recently. megan the stallionBut that’s exactly what happened to Iggy Azalea in 2016.

The arrival of this deluxe was anticipated by the rapper during an interview with Billboard: a way to keep the fan base entertained while waiting for the first official album, which Ice Spice would release in due course.

“Snow is currently preparing the deluxe edition like..? for this summer; While that project keeps her in the news, she can complete and release her debut album at her own pace.

In the meantime, you just have to recover the deluxe edition of like…? By clicking the Spotify link below… Enjoy listening!

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