“Ideal is a Mediterranean diet”

A growing body of research shows that a good diet is crucial to preventing or fighting any disease. Most of these focus on chronic diseases such as heart disease, heart attack or diabetes, but it cannot be overlooked that it also contributes greatly to the good health of the immune system.

“To prevent colds and flu, the ideal diet is a Mediterranean diet. Combines fresh foods from all groups, excludes ultra-processed foods, and values ​​all vitamins such as A, B, CD and zinc, and of course vitamins A, B, CD and zinc. Don’t overlook water, which is essential for all metabolic processes,” says nutritionist Sedolini.

However, no one is immune to these diseases. No matter how many remedial measures are taken, there is always a virus that is able to bypass security controls, although in this case, food can also be used to fight them.

Vitamin A, found in liver, eggs, fruits and vegetables, is the so-called “miracle vitamin” that prevents pathogens from entering the body.

B vitamins are important because they boost the body’s immunity, and consuming them can greatly help relieve the symptoms of all respiratory infections, and we find them in multigrains, fish, green leafy vegetables, and nuts.

Vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits, kiwis, broccoli, peppers and strawberries, can shorten the duration of the flu.

Vitamin D is an excellent antioxidant that is synthesized in moderate sunlight exposure. It’s found in eggs, milk mushrooms, and blue cheese.

Therefore, Sedorini recommends a Mediterranean diet that includes all food groups, increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits, greens, whole grains and nuts, which contain the highest amounts of all these nutrients and provide us with a good amount of Nutrition. These vitamins,” he concluded.

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