“Idol” will not have a second season: why was it canceled?

Named the most controversial television series of the year Idol did not receive a green light for a second season. HBO has announced that the series with Lily-Rose Depp will have to stop on the first season. But why shouldn’t this decision surprise us?

Idol I will never return second season. This was officially announced by HBO, which broadcast it in the States. A decision that actually already aroused suspicion among viewers, especially after HBO decided to cancel the television series ahead of schedule, excluding the episode from general broadcast.

Idol. Credits: HBO – VelvetMag

That is why we should not be surprised by the decision taken at the top. From the first moment Idol this was presented as highly divisive. The most controversial, neglected Lily Rose Depp as the protagonist and interpreter of a young pop star who has experienced the loss of his mother and addiction. Determined to reclaim her place in the music scene, Jocelyn tries to release a new single, but along the way she meets a man who will push her in a new direction. Why, then, Idol will it have a second season?

Idol Canceled: Stops in Season 1, No Surprise

An offer already anticipated by some HBO decisions, fueled further by the critical acclaim the show is receiving episode by episode. Preview on Cannes Film Festival 2023, Idol immediately sparked discussion online and sparked further controversy after some of the staff denounced the toxic environment on set. rolling stone. Both the explicit content of the show and the controversy surrounding the similarities between certain aspects of Jocelyn’s life and Selena Gomez (formerly of The Weeknd).

Idol. Credits: HBO – VelvetMag

This was announced by the representative of HBO. Entertainment Weekly: “Idol was one of HBO’s most provocative original programs, and we’re very pleased with the strong response from viewers. After much thought and consideration, HBO, as well as the creators and producers, have decided not to proceed with a second season. We are grateful to the creators, cast and crew for their incredible work.“. Sam Levinson took over the current project, bringing important baggage with him (being the creator Euphoria). But that wasn’t enough to save Idolwhich also includes Abel The Weeknd Tesfaye in the cast (playing Tedros) and behind the scenes (as co-writer). The decision is made after careful consideration. How do you specify electronic warfarestudios are considering a possible sequel, given that the premiere drew over 7 million viewers.

Also Da’Vine Joy Randolph, who plays Jocelyn’s manager on the show, said in a previous interview that the channel is satisfied with the show and therefore believes a second season is possible. And instead HBO saw fit even looking forward to the end of the show, delete the series and stop at the fifth. Previously, it was a common misunderstanding that Idol was canceled and then rejected. But now it’s true. The series has stopped showing and will not restart the engines.

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