Idris Elba on James Bond: “A Matter of Race”

He is currently promoting a new Apple TV series. theft, actor Idris Elba long topped the list of possible actors who could “inherit” the role of James Bond after the departure of Daniel Craig from the 007 saga.

While on the podcast SmartLess informs individualwire, the actor opened up for the first time about years of gossip about the possibility of seeing him in custom-made costumes for the world’s most famous secret agent. An experience that an actor Luther he called it flattering until the race was talked about, turning this exciting opportunity into a disappointing response. The actor said:

“The truth is that I was very flattered by all this for a long time. I thought, “This is crazy! James Bond!” We’re all actors and we all understand this role. It’s one of those very coveted roles. So if you’re asked to play James Bond, you’ll say, “OK, you’ve reached the top.” But it’s also one of things that everyone has an opinion on. In fact, it was such a huge compliment that in all corners of the world – except for a few corners that we will not talk about – they were really excited about the idea that I was being considered for this role “However, those who weren’t thrilled with the idea made it all disgusting and frightening because they reduced everything to a question of race. We started talking about meaningless nonsense, and I began to feel the weight of it.”

Who will play James Bond then?

last september, Idris Elba left a statement claiming that playing James Bond was not the goal or ultimate goal of his career. However, he also claimed that everyone he spoke to was a constant chorus “make a bondand at that moment he felt that it was “Something besides me is sex. The question is no longer whether I should, could, would. Sometimes everything depends on the will of the people.” As if to say that if the cinephiles and enthusiasts people moved on to see him become a secret agent, he wouldn’t be able to resist so much.

Barbara Broccoli, producer of the Bond saga, has confirmed that Idris Elba has long been a “talker” about the next 007 and the next James Bond. But the producer later revealed that the new Bond, who will inherit Daniel Craig’s legacy, should be a younger actor, perhaps in his thirties. A definition that can also exclude other fans – at least according to online chatter – such as Tom Hardy AND Cillian Murphy. Both actors are very loved by the public – the first is preparing for filming poison 3, the second is about to come to the cinema with Oppenheimer – both Hardy and Murphy have long been at the top of the ante for the role of James Bond, along with the aforementioned Idris Elba. But the words of the producer and the departure of Idris Elba seem to open the door to other interpreters. As always, we will have to wait for official announcements to find out who will be the next James Bond. However, a huge part of the public will forever remain at a loss as to what it would be like if Idris Elba was 007.

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