Idyll sold out (but another is on the way)

The Harry and Meghan saga continues, Removed from the Royal Family Rejected by Hollywood’s Elite (Basically, Americans may be a lot more snobbish than the British behind their calm and friendly air), with dwindling incomes and growing needs leading to the reopening of The Tig, Meghan Markle’s blog due to the wedding closed, which should really compete with Goop, another former online colossus of actresses with a pedigree, however, from the A-List, or Gwyneth Paltrow, a toy born as an online personal diary that now costs is $250 million. The icing on the cake is Spotify, with whom Duke signed an excellent deal. Production for the podcast ended prematurely, like those already disbanded for Netflix. Spotify’s head of podcast innovation and monetization has labeled Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan as “frauds” after their $20 million multi-year deal, signed in 2020, to stream podcasts on the platform To make with, fell short after making just 12 episodes. The Archetypes podcast, created by Sussex audio production company Archewell and hosted by Meghan, featured conversations with friends and celebrities including Serena Williams, Mariah Carey and Trevor Noah, and topped podcast charts in several markets.

In any case, many dazzling projects were not followed by anything and perhaps this is the reason for the excitement of the duchess being surprised by photographers in Montecito without husband, without children and above all without manners, while she was on the telephone Fidgeting, once the conversation is over, inevitably incinerates the mobile screen. While the rumors of separation continue to gain momentumThe image of the ideal couple begins to show the first crackdown and purchase, by Harry, of the luxurious villa in London’s Belsize Park that belonged to singer Taylor Swift, who put it on the market following her divorce from Joe. Alwyn: A 15 million euro Buen Retiro that Meghan didn’t even bother to visit. “Looks like he chanced upon it on the property developer’s website” commented British Frost to the Telegraph.

Between one statement against the native tabloids in the British High Court and another, the Duke of Sussex completed the purchase as the final act of a decision to seek more moderate advice to resume his place in the royal family, which has been rumored According to Jenny Bond, a former BBC correspondent and expert on the royals, told the magazine OK! Magazine: ¬ęThe divorce between Harry and Meghan is only a matter of time, if not days. Reliable sources inside Buckingham Palace have confirmed that Harry, without Meghan, will be immediately forgiven by the King and his family. Meanwhile, Meghan continues her ascent and the news that she could become the new face of Dior is of the last hour: Could this be the reason for the alleged tweaks? “Rumours have been circulating for several weeks that Megan is about to sign a contract with Dior,” the Mail on Sunday quoted a source as saying. A collaboration between the duchess and the brand would be facilitated, and even explained, by the fact that Harry and Meghan have repeatedly worn Dior during important public events such as the Queen’s platinum jubilee and the King’s coronation. Opted to Dress Up: An Excellent Opportunity Forget the podcast flop and recreate the look in every sense, given that the new deal will inevitably net millions of dollars, which the Duchess really can’t give up.

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