If China Wins, Apple is beginning to Close Shop in Spain


KOMPAS.com – Apple has officially re-open to the entire memory of your retail sales in China, on Friday (13/3/2020). This was followed by the improvement of the status of the Land from the plague of the corona.

But the opposite happened in Spain. Yes, Apple actually began to close all the stores at once, in his office in the country, the Matador on the same day.

Included, Apple has a retail chain in Spain, as many as 11 branches.

Not without reason, the company, the closing, because the case of the Corona virus is on the rise.

In the page Apple-retail-Spanish-speaking, the entire retail business is completely closed until further notice.

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“Due to health precautions current (Corona), the branch remains closed until further notice,” wrote the page from Apple.

Apple Spaniard apologised to customers for the closure.

“If you need help (for) onlinevisit getsupport. apple.com. We apologize for the inconvenience,” she said.

Previously, Apple has closed the whole of the business of its customers in all over the world because of the pandemic virus Corona, which is spreading increasingly widely.

Recorded closed 17 retail stores in Italy, officially, the Apple until the deadline has not been determined.

Even so, Apple has opened up the entire memory of your retail sales in China, because during the outbreaks of the virus Covid-19, sales declined to reach a number of 60 percent.