If he receives funding, Woody Allen could make a film in Colombia

Similarly, the filmmaker does not rule out recording in Buenos Aires, Argenitina, or Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.  REUTERS / Eric Gaillard
Similarly, the filmmaker does not rule out recording in Buenos Aires, Argenitina, or Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. REUTERS / Eric Gaillard

Rifkin’s Festival is the most recent title of one of the creations of the American filmmaker, Woody Allen. The film, as the American usually does, recounts the details of a particular love story. A married couple decides to go to the San Sebastián Film Festival and, there, each falls in love with other people: she, Sue, with a French film director, and he, Mort, with a Spanish citizen. In an interview with the Colombian press, Allen did not rule out the idea of ​​recording in a Latin American country. Colombia, particularly Cartagena, is on your radar.

According to what he revealed for the Blu Radio section ‘La caja de los comics’, he has three main conditions to decide to record in the center or in the south of the American continent: money, a good story and a space for discussion of the cinema. As he argued, what he needs is for the country in which he decides to make one of his feature films to grant him funding. The story, for its part, must be magical for Allen to consider it worthy of developing and capturing on the big screen. Cartagena is on their list, as is Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

“Yes, there is a possibility. What has to happen is that someone, from one of those countries, says: “If you record here, you will be financed”Allen commented before arguing that making a film like the ones he develops is very expensive, so external help is necessary. In addition, the director of films such as ‘Midnight in Paris’, for him it is necessary that the city that decides to choose to record a possible film should have a representative film festival, hopefully, of international stature.


The interview with Allen was conducted by telephone from New York, in the United States. From that city, in fact, he explained that ‘Rifkin’s Festival’, a film recorded in Spain, was financed precisely by Mediapro, a group dedicated to audiovisual production created in Barcelona in 1994.

According to what he told a press conference, from that company, which has more than 50 films under production, they called him to offer to make a film in the European country. Allen had already recorded in Barcelona, ​​so he set about finding another Spanish space in which to work. ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ was the film made in that city. The film starred Javier Bardem; Penelope Cruz; Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall. The feature film was made in 2008.

“I started thinking and I remembered San Sebastian, because I was at a film festival there and I remembered how beautiful it was. I wrote a story that takes place in San Sebastián “Allen commented regarding the film that has the participation of Elena Anaya; Louis Garrel; Gina Gershon; Sergi López; Wallace Shawn; Christoph Waltz, among others. The film director, then, moved to that Spanish city for a month to create the film that reached the cinemas of Colombia during the first week of the year 2022.

“The movie is an absolute love letter. If you like European cinema, I think you are going to enjoy the film from a very human level. This relationship, which is so bittersweet and sad, is real “, highlighted the actress Gina Gershon, in one of the promotional interviews she made of the new creation of the American.

“It was an experience that I really enjoyed, Woody makes movies that are mysteriously charming, and it is not easy to describe why they are so charming. This really is fascinating”, Wallace Shawn added in the journalistic meetings.

Home Rifkin's Festival
Home Rifkin’s Festival

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