«If I saw an extra kilo in the mirror I was sick, my mother saved me. Sushi and Coke at Miss Kita’s? It’s never been there for me”

Back Rosa Chemical there are many manuel franco rocati, as registered in the Registry Office, and are all executors. The first drew graffiti, the second modeled for Gucci, while the third is the singer we saw performing on the Sanremo stage with “Made in Italy”. «I have always been an artist, even before I was recognized as such – Rosa Chemical reached by courier on the phone -. You are born creative, and then they give you the word artist just because you have become famous».

But why “rose”? this is a tribute to mom, which bears the same name. «The relationship between us is beautiful, for me she has always been: she is my first supporter. Now, unfortunately, I can’t see him often because I’m in Milan and he’s in Turin». He also described it a few days ago during an event organized by Scuolazu in Milan: On that occasion, in front of an audience of students, he revealed that he had long a troubled relationship with her body, Thank you for the maternal support. «If I saw a kilo more I was sick, I have never had a good relationship with my reflection in the mirror. But the real change came when I started loving myself. and i did it thanks to my mom» Declared Rosa. “I was a tough guy,” he adds to Corriere over the phone. “The country where I grew up (Rivoli, in the province of Turin, ed) there were a few things to do. I would spend nights outside painting graffiti and then get home on the first trains in the morning. Mother never judged me, even though I was a very curmudgeonly child. She has always stayed a safe distance from me. They told me that life is mine and I will have to face the consequences,

In the night of 18 and 19 May, in between the winter and summer tours, their latest single, “Belu Guaglione”, was released. It is a reinterpretation of “‘O Saracino” by Renato Carrosone, specifically chosen to re-propose a more fluid and modern version of “Guaglione”. We tell you that under the video of your new single on YouTube, a user wrote that he really likes this 50s style. “I’m glad you liked it, but I don’t like to tie myself down to one genre – he answers – I try not to wear anything».

Rosa Chemical comes from a rock and metal traditionThat is why seeing him perform on stage destroys the expectations (especially negative ones) that were previously formed in the head: «When people come to one of my concerts, they are full of prejudices. They hired me as an urban artist and expected to rap live, On the other hand, I have a different cultural background, so my attitude, the way I behave on stage, comes from the rock world. The shows I make with the band have nothing to do with rap, and get people excited, Among the artists he admires and dreams of duet with are Cesare Cremonini (“I’m crazy about him”), Justin Bieber (“He’s one of my reference points”) and Calcutta. . But if he could sing, thanks to artificial intelligence, he would choose Chester Bennington (the frontman of Linkin Park, who died in 2017) and Fred Buscaglione, along with someone from the past. ,look at the moon – start singing – look at that sea, I’m singing to someone on the phone for the first time (laughsEd.)”.

Rosa Chemical has expressed its appreciation for Badbani, which it sees as a Killed machismo in reggaeton: « We are talking about a masculine style that objectifies women. Instead, he defended the woman, actually taking her side. In the last album, he dressed in women’s clothes and talked about how women can and should do it right.” As for Italian rap—which, according to BigMama, just to name one, is now is also very racist and homophobic, Rosa explains: «There are people who condemn and who continue to use those tones. The pop direction is more “correct”, the process is slower in urban, it changes if the social class of those doing it changes, Above all, the reality in which these artists live must change». The same principle applies to the Italian music scene.

When we ask Rosa Chemical what music Milanese rappers made news for their relationship with the law (From Baby Gang to Simba La Rue via Blackbaby, arrested at the beginning of the year for robbery and injuries) Answer: «It depends on whether one uses music to denounce reality, that Condemns the place from where it comes and whatever it comes from, or if praises it. I admire love, freedom of expression, obviously I do not agree with what they sing». We also ask him for a perspective on matching. Miss Keita sang that “Sushi and Coke”, is the city really like this from your point of view? ,not for me and never have been – he answers – but I don’t go to these places. On the other hand, on the freedom to live our sexuality, we cannot lump everything, Being the capital of fashion, it is ahead of other cities in this regard. But there are pros and cons, it depends on the context and the neighborhood. There are places where freedom of expression or freedom to dress as we want is still limited. I rarely go out where I know I won’t be accepted. Even though my shoulders are broad now: prejudices don’t touch me,

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