If Mia Khalifa manages not to feel like just a body or just a face, it’s because of fashion.

She aspires to become a “serious fashion player”, but perhaps she always has been. Since the launch of the brand Sheitan to her personal style: being Mia Khalifa.

Being Mia Khalifa is probably harder than you think. She turned 30 this year and was born in Lebanon but moved to Washington with her family when she was eight years old. She grew up as “other”, as “mixed”, never feeling represented by either side. She started working as a porn actress in 2014 because she didn’t feel enough. Not pretty enough, not appreciated enough, perhaps not quite worthy of the world she wanted. He did it without fully realizing the path he was on, he wrote in Vogue. Then, a few years after she retired (and became a famous face, so famous that she now has 28 million followers on Instagram), fashion came along. “Fashion has given me the opportunity to express my creative side. (…) He taught me that my opinion has value and that I am not just a body or just a face.”

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“Fashion was able to give me that freedom and self-confidence that I didn’t have, and it allowed me to start dressing for women and not for men. It gave me a stronger voice and helped me accept myself for who I am,” she continued. WITH Sheitan, a jewelry and bodywear brand she just launched, Mia Khalifa talks about a personality teetering between two polar opposite cultures. Word Sheitan in Islam it is reminiscent of the spirit of Satan, and this is how she chose to talk about the limitations she felt constrained by (her career in the adult film world lasted about three months and was cut short after threats she received from Isis, followed by videos on which he wears a hijab and displays a tattoo of the words of the Lebanese national anthem). Now she aspires to become a “serious fashion player”, but she may have been doing it for a long time.

From the countryside Paradise by Marc Jacobs in the front rows during fashion shows GCDS extension, Moskino, Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Acne Studios, Off white or Kenzo, it’s a girl — according to Lefty’s data posted on Bof — in recent Fashion Weeks alone, he’s brought in “earned media value” (which measures social media impact, to be clear) of almost $8 million, more than either Zendaya or Kylie did Jenner. However, beyond the numbers, his style has always said a lot about his personality. Eccentric, sensual, pop and stunning, which is difficult to describe with a simple definition. IN fendi, Lowe, Jean Paul Gaultier, miu miu, Ludovic de Saint-Sernin, Esther Manas, Gucci by Tom Ford, blue marble, J. W. Anderson or Dries Van Noten, Pucci, Versace or Tommy Hilfiger but also Nong Rak, Attic AND Bottega Veneta, Mia Khalifa speaks through clothes about the freedom to be yourself and indulge in any unexpected variations of your taste. Roller coaster, night in a night club, rock concert, a t-shirt that speaks for itself best boobs on instagram or a picture of Picasso, in a convertible or in the kitchen of her house or even during a performance at Oxford (preppy, but from her point of view), being Mia Khalifa is a combination of places and not places, sometimes real, sometimes imagined. Often in the style of Kat Gosik, just as often she chooses what and how to wear, moving from one universe to another and playing with the declensions of the word “style”.

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Mia Khalifa backstage at GCDS Fall Winter 2023 2024

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