If Ryan Gosling is successful, it’s also thanks to his 7- and 9-year-old daughters.

If it weren’t for his little girls Esmeralda and Amada Lee, Ryan Gosling might have created a different Ken than the one we fell in love with while watching Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. The actor himself said this in an interview, and the rumor reached us.

Ryan Gosling he is not just an actor and, above all, he is not alone Kendespite the singing catchphrase Barbie I’m just Ken. The actor is also the father of two little girls with his wife. Eva Mendes.

Being too small Esmeralda AND Amada Lee They didn’t see BarbieHowever, they played a fundamental role in the work their father did on his character, which was meant to be comedic without being ridiculous and, above all, not too stupid. You understood correctly: if Ryan gave Greta Gerwig and the audience an exceptional performance, credit also goes to his mini girls aged 9 and 7. How do we know this? From the same Goslingwho spoke about this during an interview.

Ryan Gosling’s daughters were two coaches

During advertising activities Barbie, Ryan Gosling he was sitting next to him Margot Robbie during a video interview, and when the journalist asked the talented couple what they had to do with the famous Mattel doll, Margot Robbie he admitted that he was not very familiar with Barbie. Goslinginstead he said thanks Esmeralda AND Amada Lee, he managed to give his character a great “Key Energy,” as Cinemablend writes. Here is his statement:

For me, Barbies have always been there, even if they played a minor role in my life. However, they are now part of my daily life because I have two little girls. They supported me and helped me a lot, and towards the end of the film there is a scene for which I had to prepare for a long time. They were at home while I was rehearsing, and… in the end, they knew it by heart just like I did. So they came to the set the day we were supposed to shoot the film. They sat behind the camera and almost coached me. It was great.

Gosling confirms his girls haven’t seen Barbie in the movies

Ryan Gosling He didn’t explain what exactly the girls helped him with, whether it was a musical number or just a talking scene, but it must have been something that took time, like the number I’m just Ken. Gosling He then added that his daughters did not go to see the film in the cinema. Barbie:

They watched several films and were very helpful. They were an important source of inspiration for me. I would like to wait a little longer before showing them all of Ken’s energy.

It’s normal for little girls Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes they didn’t see Barbie. Even if the film Greta Gerwig It appeals to people of all ages, deals with difficult topics and contains some jokes more suitable for adults and teenagers than for children under 10 years of age. Gosling he’ll like it Barbie when it can be watched in streaming mode, that is, starting from September 12.

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