If you are not convinced by GTA Trilogy’s San Andreas, you can wait for the fan remake made with the Far Cry 5 engine

The Rockstar classics are back to the fore with the arrival of GTA Trilogy, but the launch has not been as expected by the company. Numerous errors in the compilation unleashed criticism from the community, continued with the PC withdrawal of the works and the final promise of Rockstar to improve all sections with patches.

While we can test GTA San Andreas through Xbox Game Pass, perhaps the next target in our sights should be the remake being made by the user MapEditorMaster. Through the use of Dunia, the Far Cry 5 graphics engine, he has achieved give shape to some areas of the mythical Grove Street.

We already know how Rockstar has acted towards unofficial remakes or groups of players who make mods on their titles lately, but this creator It is clear that it does not violate any rule.

“Rockstar can’t play this for simple reasons … (could be wrong) This is all built into the Dunia engine from Far Cry 5. Rockstar does not allow its game to be modified or any of the original files altered. Most of the remakes / remasters of the GTA games are just people running the OG files through software that allows them to be played on modern engines like Unreal … I CREATED THIS FROM SCRATCH (no mods) AND I’LL POST THE WHOLE PROCESS I HAVE A LOT TO SAY “

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For now, we can enjoy some aerial views of the modeling that he has done, along with CJ’s mythical house. The lighting looks pretty good, along with the modeling and textures of the characters and settings. Of course, if the work is finished we will not see all the land that covers San Andreas in full, since MapEditorMaster does not have the necessary tools to carry out a project of this magnitude. In fact, it has shown everything that it has created compared to the rest of the map.

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