If you mess with the neckline of Ariel Winter it is normal that this happens | Fashion and Beauty


The actress Ariel Winterto which we met through the series Modern Family, we can assure you to sure that you do not have hairs on the tongue.

The interpreter has already demonstrated on previous occasions that call for freedom of women, which does not tolerate an untrue report about her in the media and does not support anyone tell you what you should or should not do with your body.

On repeated occasions has been faced with comments from haters and trolls in the network that have criticized their models or their physical and few days ago has suffered a new episode.

The thing is that a guy named Ivo Widlak came to tell you that normal after seeing the neckline of Ariel Winter would be that some stalker is coming near to touching the breasts.

The response of Ariel Winter did not wait and was as blunt as possible: “If this is what you should expect, me to the touch you should also expect that my high heels are what kick in the crotch. My body is mine no matter what that takes. Women are not objects to be thumbed”.

A new example of the machismo that plagues the networks and the society and in the face of these and other celebrities do not hesitate to show his conviction.