If you want a hallway as tidy as Marie Kondo’s 6 simple, tried-and-true tips

Keep Home order and organization are more than just a chore..This is a practice that can Transform our lives and overall well-beingor ask Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo, who has become Known for its revolutionary KonMari method.

Order and organization at home have a Directly affects our mental and emotional health.Clean and orderly environment Provide calm amidst the chaos of daily life. Plus, it reduces stress and we don’t have to frantically search for lost things or deal with a cluttered space. When our homes are in order, We can focus on what really matters. This order and organization applies to all rooms in the house, From the hall, kitchen or bathroom that welcomes you to your home.

This is how the KonMari method works

KonMari methods include Only keep things that truly bring us value and are useful in our lives. It’s based on the idea that we should surround ourselves with items that make us happy and serve a clear purpose. To achieve this goal, Marie Kondo proposed a process: When choosing we must ask ourselves whether an object “sparks joy” among us.If you don’t, it’s time to let go Whether it’s donating, recycling or throwing away. Must check this “Spark of Joy” In all the rooms of your home, leave no one behind.

For example, The hall of the house is one of the areas that we often overlook When it comes to maintaining order and organization, it is actually the room that should be the most pampered and cared for: as its name suggests, it is the room where guests are received and, therefore, First impression of our home.As Marie Kondo says, a clean and inviting hallway can create a positive atmosphere From the first moment someone enters our homeTherefore, it deserves special attention.

Marie Kondo’s proposal for a harmonious corridor.

Marie Kondo’s advice on harmonious corridors

Tips for Applying the Marie Kondo Method in the Hallway

Next, we leave you with 6 tips if you want to The hallway at home is as orderly and harmonious as Marie Kondo’s hallway:

  1. Just the essentials: The hall is the room in the house that welcomes all visitors, therefore, It should be filled with serenity, tranquility and enthusiasm. So Mary’s advice is to clear away all unnecessary clutter, Dedicated to preserving the essential elements that convey warmth and hospitality.

  2. The power of simplicity: This means you must Remove any items from the entrance to the house that do not serve a specific purpose. Marie Kondo promotes simplicity and recommends that you only keep things that make you happy or useful. the rest? go out!

  3. Efficient storage: use Baskets, trays, hooks, hangers and racks for organization and storage Items typically left in the lobby, such as shoes, coats, or keys. This not only maintains order; Find what you need quickly and easily.

  4. Fold vertically: It is also common to leave textiles at the entrance to a house, especially during the colder months, e.g. Scarf, gloves or handkerchief.Therefore, Mary recommends here Apply his famous method of folding clothes in your closet verticallyas it is a very efficient way to make the most of your space.

  5. Regular revisions: Make sure to check the hall regularly Prevent clutter from accumulating.Marie Kondo recommends doing this at least once a month, and If you find that something no longer serves you, be grateful for it and let it go..

  6. Arrival and departure ceremony: Finally, Kondo also recommends establishing a Small rituals when arriving and leaving homeFor example, thank you for your home Or take a moment to breathe deeply.These gratitude rituals will help you create a Create an emotional connection with your space And stay organized.

In summary, Marie Kondo’s KonMari method provides a range of Effective Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Entry Organized, Warm and Inviting. By following these tips, you can not only achieve a tidier space, but you can also create an environment that makes you feel welcome every time you enter and exit your front door.

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