If you’re dreaming of a star-studded look, here are 6 really crazy Dan More dresses!

If you’re attending a special event, the only way to grab attention is by wearing one of Dan More’s gorgeous dresses. Discover the most beautiful dresses of the collection…

If you're dreaming of a star-studded look, here are 6 really crazy Dan More dresses!

If you still don’t know Dan Moreafter reading this article, you will probably fall in love with his idea of ​​making fashion, especially if you like to wear exclusive clothes with original designs. Do you love me Cocktail Dress and whenever you shop you always end up falling into the traps cloth super glamorous who captivate with their provocative and sensual lines? Starting today, you have a new stylist that you can contact for the most important events. chill which you must visit and his name is Dan More, an Italian fashion designer who is also loved Miley Cyrus.

The perfect dress for those who do not like to remain unnoticed. Here are the most glamorous dresses by Italian designer Dan More.

Its nothing short of sensational clothing that captivates with modern cuts and great designs. sensual. If you have been invited to an important event where you absolutely cannot go unnoticed, you should definitely wear one of these gorgeous cloth From Dan More, V stylist Italian that even American celebrities like. Do you want to shine? Do you really want to look like a star? With one of these gorgeous dresses, you can’t help but wonder who the designer of the creation you’re wearing is. Dan More And brand luxury created just a few years ago Daniel Moraine, designer with more apprenticeship under his belt than he imagined fashion it combines bold, sinful and artfully elegant lines without ever making its wearer out of place. It has been noticed by many, especially film and music stars from abroad, as well as our Italian influencers. Among the crowd of fans are Elettra Lamborghini, Giulia Salemi, FKA Twigs, Paola Turani and the very moody pop star Miley Cyrus. Dan Mohr’s vision of fashion is nothing short of revolutionary, and it focuses exclusively on evening gowns featuring seductive lines and sensual fit. The result is a string cloth just madness that falls in love at first sight, especially lovers of the most original dresses, which certainly cannot go unnoticed. Now let’s see together what cloth more sensational than Dan More that will go straight to our wishlists!

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Long dress with criss-cross neckline

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Let’s start with this irresistible long super sensual model that impresses with its gorgeous transparency. The model wears a seductive criss-cross neckline front and back with an integrated body design and a puffy semi-circle skirt with a train. The dress is embellished with the iconic gold metal panther head and Swarovski at neck height.

Icy white long dress studded with crystals


Also gorgeous is this Dan More long stretch dress in icy white, completely studded with ultra-white Swarovski crystals for a truly stunning effect. The wide-cut back dress is adorned with a Dan More label on the back.

Asymmetric metal mesh dress


How about this instead suit super sparkling short in this pretty shade of pink? The asymmetrical silver mesh dress is also encrusted with crystals. Swarovski dark purple with X-chains on the back that leave it completely exposed. The model has a U-shaped neckline with draping, which also emphasizes the shape of the bust.

Short dress with feathers at the hem


Instead, from the Privé collection, we have this gorgeous dress that wants to be a special story, celebrating the timeless and timeless charm of celebrities. It is from this definition that Dan More creates bosses with a thousand facets, telling about emotions, craftsmanship and research. Precious, unique and sparkling garments for women who express their individuality. The dress we have chosen for you has an American neckline in the front and the back is completely open. The dress, also made of platinum-colored metal mesh, is decorated with original green ostrich feathers along the hem.

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Long fitted white dress


Absolute elegance for this white dress with large cutouts on the body. Made from stretchy, formfitting fabric, the Dan Mohr Dress wraps around your curves for maximum definition. Fitted with a slit at the back, this dress features the iconic gold-tone panther head at the neckline.

Short celadon dress with drapery


You will look stunning in this beautiful shade of aquamarine blue. dan mohr dress short model with a draped U-neck front and back. Invisible metal zipper on the side. Made in sweater Crafted from Swarovski’s silver-tone metal with blue shimmer, this symmetrical design is stylish with small side slits.

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