Iggy Azalea & Tricky Stewart Produce New Single “Money Come”

Money is coming this is the name of the band’s new single Iggy Azalea, appeared tonight on all streaming platforms. The unreleased album anticipates the release of the rapper’s fourth album by the end of the year.

Initially, the artist had to leave the stage with End of an erabut – fortunately – it was not so.

Iggy Azalea launches Tricky Stewart’s Money Come

In production we find the legendary Sly Stuart which, according to Iggy, helped her in the creation of the entire album. The famed songwriter and beatmaker can look back on his long career in the American music industry, where he produced for Madonna, Frank Ocean and Beyoncé.

explosive production Money is coming sample Come on baby, come on From K7hit in 1993. And this time, Iggy can entertain his listeners with a potential hit (click HERE for full text):

“Okay, you wanna play it rough, I’m reloading / Okay, either get off my clit or deepthroat it / You’re all getting on my nerves here / Time to finish the bird like a two week old pay attention / Angry, I’m in my bag, but they sing my hits (Sing my hits) / If I had it, I’d tell you all to suck my dick (Suck my dick)”

Along with the audio file, Iggy Azalea uploaded the song’s official video to YouTube. As always, the rapper’s videos are characterized by attention to detail and precision, so that the end result always lives up to expectations.

As expected we will find again Money is coming on the rapper’s next album. For the past few months, I’ve been feeling like this Tori Lanez would have had a hand in the project (restored HERE news) and we’ll see if and how much his recent legal developments will affect his collaboration with Iggy.

For the artist, this will be the third album released independently and in collaboration with Empire Records. Pending further details, you just have to catch up. Money is coming on Spotify at the link below… enjoy listening!

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