Il Volo, a cover band from Korea: “They fill us with pride!”

Flight, a true reference point for not losing the essence of Italian bel canto; now the trio has a cover band Korea!

Some already exist! We often receive videos. The latter came to us from a group of Korean guys who created our cover band in their country. These are the things that fill us with pride and happiness. Because we feel that we can be a reference point for many of our peers. What young people today may be missing is someone who can inspire them to achieve their goals. In our opinion, the most important thing for young people is that they are encouraged to develop their talent and passion. How this happened to us.”

These are the words Piero, Ignazio AND Gianluca reports Corriere del Ticino.

The Eastern world loves Italian culture very much. This can be seen not only in fashion, but also in music. There are many conservatories in China and Japan where they study Italian because they are lovers of classical music. There are great Asian tenors who sing in Italian. (…) Made in Italy is a brand that always wins. Not only among Italians abroad. You can see it with the three tenors, with Andrea Bocelli, but, paradoxically, also with Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Madonna… You can hear the influence of Italian blood in their melodies.”

The three guys explain that they are working to expand their audience.

We have a very diverse audience. We can certainly do better on social media to reach out to more and more young people. And we’re also trying to create our own repertoire.”

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