Ilari Blasi debuts in Venice with a new hairstyle

Ilarie Blasi made her red carpet debut in Venice during the Venice Film Festival. The TV presenter attracted attention with her glamorous charm and surprised everyone with her new hairstyle.

Despite the Hollywood actors’ strike, which prevented the attendance of some stars such as Zendaya and Bradley Cooper, this year’s 80th Festival did not disappoint. In fact, many Italian celebrities, including Ilari Blasi, attended the Venice red carpet for the first time. And for such an important event, the presenter decided to attract attention with a new hairstyle, which will become a trend in the fall of 2023.

In recent months, Ilary Blasi has shown that she can easily change the look of her hair. While hosting Celebrity Island, she showed off platinum blonde hair with a fringe and layered cut that captivated the Mediaset audience. But for the sake of Venice, the presenter decided to make a revolution in haircuts and hair coloring. She left the platinum blonde aside and opted for an homage to the ’80s.

During the Filming Italy Best Movie Awards 2023, Ilarie Blasi appeared on the red carpet in a black Dior dress. She accessorized her look with a black and white clutch and a pair of sparkly boots with sculpted high heels. But the real revelation of her image was the new hair color. She ditched the platinum blonde and went for butterscotch blonde, also known as butterscotch blonde.

The presenter had already anticipated a change in her image on social networks, but officially announced it on the red carpet. She took to the stage of the Filming Italy Best Movie Awards 2023 to receive the award for TV Personality of the Year thanks to the host of L’Isola dei Famosi on Canale 5. Holding the award in her hand, she joked that this was her first time in Venice, on the red carpet, and also the last time he received an award.

Ilary Blasi certainly left everyone speechless with her red carpet debut in Venice. She has proven her elegance and sophistication and confirmed that she is also at the forefront of hair trends.

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