Ilari Blasi in Sardinia without Bastian: a love story at the end?

Ilari Blasi and Bastian Müller are they still a couple? This is a question many are asking due to the sudden estrangement between the two, who no longer post photos and videos together. This was enough to provoke rumors of a breakup between the former Lady Totti and the German entrepreneur.

Ilary Blasi and Bastian Müller split up? Gossip

The latest holiday also fueled the conversation Ilari Blasi in Sardinia along with his friend Michelle Hunziker. A few relaxing days spent without a partner and without children. After the famous trip to Brazil Nothing more was heard from the couple. Currently both a Mediaset stock leader and a German entrepreneur they didn’t reveal themselves on this topic. In recent days, Ilari has taken a major hit over the CD. rolex case. The judges of the Rome court ruled that the dancer will have to return to her ex-husband all the precious watches taken into custody before the separation was announced. Francesco Totti.

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