Ilari Blasi leads Temptation Island Winter: the last Indiscretion

Ilari Blasi is ready to host the winter version of Temptation Island, the famous reality show Canale’s 5 Senses.

Ilari Blasi leads Temptation Island Winter: the last Indiscretion

It seems that Piersilvio Berlusconi intends to change course for the new edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, given the failure of last season, by taking the helm off Ilari Blasi find a new face capable of restoring the prestige of the format. However, to please Francesco Totti’s ex-wife, Mediaset leaders would consider entrusting her Temptation Island Winternew winter version of the popular sentimental reality show Canale 5.

Ilari Blasi leaves Celebrity Island

Big changes in the house Mediasetespecially in Canale 5’s flagship programs such as Celebrity Island. In fact, it seems that Piersilvio Berlusconi is not at all pleased with the poor results reported by Ilari Blasi with the latest episode of a reality show set in Honduras, which had a very low share of prime time. It looks like the CEO is ready to find someone who knows how to spruce up the format, risk everything and fire Blasi as host. But no layoffs are foreseen for ex-wife Francesco Totti, as was whispered at the start of the season ahead of the presentation of the 2023/2024 schedules.

Rather, it seems that the beautiful Roman presenter will land in Maria De Filippi’s new program and its charm, namely winter version of the Isle of Temptation. The wonderful and most long-awaited news was announced during the presentation of the new TV season by Mediaset, and the fans of the program are delighted. While almost everyone would like the format to also include the return of Filippo Bisiglia, an undeniably popular host, Nuovo Tv shows that blasi would have been on a pole to host a reality show of temptations, in all likelihood on the air since the early days of 2024.

Hilary Blasi Leads Temptation Island Winter?

New signing rumor Ilari Blasi this certainly pleases Roman’s fans, who already imagine her frank and rude comments to couples who decide to test themselves on the path of feelings. There is still no exact location information. Temptation Island Winter, while there is talk of the possibility that there are also VIP couples repeating the success of the mixed summer editions that had many ratings with couples like Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane or Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoroso.

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However, one obstacle stands between Blasi and the winter version of Temptation Island: the news that, according to Dagospia, Maria de Filippi is inclined to entrust the management Lorella Cuccarini, already his colleague on the Friends program. Will there be a fight between Ilari and Lorella, or will Piersilvio have the final say? After all, the Roman must be delivered, once removed from the helm of L’Isola dei Famosi, and there are no programs available at the moment.

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