I’ll get tested if I have symptoms, says AMLO


Badiraguato, Sin.- The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that testing will be done, if you have symptoms, to detect if you have coronavirusafter be known that the governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, was positive to the test and with whom he met last march 18.

“I stick to what it says Health and this applies to all, do you know when you have to do the test? when you have a fever, when the cough is dry, when one has breathing difficulties and when there is pain of body, but pain is extraordinary, because there is always pain of body, with more with the age and with the work.

“Then if you don’t have one of those symptoms, as there is no need to take the test, only the healthy distance, take care of yourself, take care of us between all, but if we all were terrified to take the test, all bought face mask then they’re going to cost more,” said the governor in a video.

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Following the recommendations of the Day of Healthy Distance, the president spearheaded an event to know the progress of the construction of the road Badiraguato-Guadalupe y Calvo, where there was only a little less than 50 people, including construction workers, officials and reporters, who asked not to be alarmed by the pandemic because the mexicans we have many strengths.

“We have faced calamities taking place and have, have faced epidemics, earthquakes, bad corrupt governments” he pointed out.

When you arrive at the event, right in the Golden Triangle, the area where it produces a large quantity of marijuana and poppy, a worker of the work offered to hand sanitizers, which the president accepted and applied in both hands .

In addition to maintaining the distance between the governor Quirino Ordaz and other local officials, and federal, the president greeted him with the hand on the chest, as he has been promoted to the contingency of the Covid-19..


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