“I’m going to gain 15 kilos”: Amel Bent frightened by her impressive weight loss, she confides on the rest …


If the year 2020 has not been the most positive for Amel Bent, on the well-being side, and in particular physical, the latter feels more than good in her sneakers!

It will not have escaped notice, Amel Bent has changed physically in just a few months. And it’s not over. Thinner and thinner over the weeks, the singer does not intend to stop there, despite the many debates concerning her and her weight.

Appeared for the first time in 2004 in front of the cameras of the New Star, Amel Bent had known how to seduce with her magical voice and her style. Since then, the coach of The Voice has multiplied the projects and albums, and has also built a real community of fans on social networks. Subscribers who also for some preferred ”  the old Amel  “, that is to say before her weight loss. Fortunately, the majority of her fans support the young mom on her journey and never stop complimenting her efforts and changes.

“it will wear my eye”

But efforts, Amel Bent ultimately did not do that much. Far from her a drastic diet to lose her “extra” pounds, but rather as she explains to our colleagues from Télé Star, she simply ate better. Indeed, if with the confinement she found herself blocked professionally, this period too, on the contrary, allowed her “to take the time to cook balanced dishes  ” and thus see her weight decrease gradually. A change of which she is proud, but which terrifies her enormously since her body is a real “  yoyo  ” and apprehends the moment when she will have to resume a faster daily life, “  But hey, two years ago, I was left fine before the holidays and I gained twelve kilos in a few weeks. So, do not tell me that I have lost weight, it will wear out my eye and I will gain 15 kilos.  “

However, Amel Bent is fulfilled and ”  good about herself  “, regardless of her weight since all that matters for the interpreter of My Philosophy ”  is to be with a man I love and who loves me, to have healthy children, and to be fulfilled in my job. ”And not“ a number on the scale  ”. And she is right!