“I’m going to steal your heart, mo”

Andrea Petro, the daughter of President Gustavo Petro, posted a photo on the Instagram network in response to some questions posed to her by netizens. The economist shared a photo of him in tracksuit and was criticized for covering his face.

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“I’m ashamed of having a thug dad,” wrote one netizen.

To this, Andrea Petro commented: “I cover it up so you don’t fall in love.” However, the criticism of the thread continued until she ended it with the message: “I’m going to steal Follow your heart, mor.”

Leaders of the Colombian Organization for Migrants (OCM) had been criticized on other occasions, but she had a message for them about self-esteem.

“I like tattoos, graffiti, beer, rock ‘n’ roll, I have stretch marks, cellulite, I work out, I help immigrants, I’m an agnostic, a single mom. Is that why they suffer? Or just because of being The president’s person?” Daughter? A lot of people lack love, but I have a lot of love. Do you want to? ’ he said.

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Andrea Petro disturbed by filtering harsh audio of fight with brother Nicolás

Andrea Petro has questioned whether an audio was leaked in which she allegedly had a conversation with her brother Nicolás Petro, who was arrested The prosecutor’s office charged with illicit enrichment and money laundering.

“They had private conversations and arguments between me and my brother, it was serious. (…) I haven’t spoken to my brother since that day and it breaks my heart. I love him, He knows that,” he noted.

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On content, she said she wasn’t proud of the words she used at the time when she was heard accusing the former Atlantic deputy of her sentimental partner: “I’m just as upset and as everyone else. Injuried.”

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