“I’m heartbroken, this is a unique character”

The Rock pays tribute to Bray Wyatt: ‘I’m heartbroken, this is a unique character’
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The Rock also pays tribute to Bray Wyatt.and the one who gave birth one of the greatest characters in the world of wrestling (and especially in WWF and WWE) honors Wyndham Rotunda, who tragically died at the age of 36.for what, in turn, created character “unique, interesting and rare.To say goodbye to Bray Wyatt, even The Rock went on Twitter.

In your post, what can be restored on the official account of the People’s Championyou see it in one rare photo of them together. This is taken from WrestleMania 32When The Wyatt Family Didn’t Plan an Evening in Dallas AND interrupted Rock’s own greeting to the audience.

After a lengthy verbal confrontation between the two, Bray Wyatt stood his ground. Eric Rowan that was defeated by Rocky in what’s left shortest match in Grandaddy of Them All history.

Rock Tribute to Bray Wyatt

I have heartbroken by news of Bray Wyatt’s death – wrote The Rock on his twitter –.

I have always had one great respect and love for him and the Rotunda family. I have I loved his presence, his promo, the work he did in the ring. and his connection to the WWE universe“.From the Rock came one Magnificent thanks to the professional Bray Wyattalso given the career of whoever wrote this: “His was a very unique, interesting and rare character that is difficult to create in our crazy world of professional wrestling.

I still grieving the loss of the greatest Terry Funkwho passed away yesterday and now Bray today“.So, from the“ Rock ”appeared condolences for two terrible deaths: “My love, my light, my strength and my mana. the Rotunda family and the Funk family during this difficult and heartbreaking time. Thanks for the house as always.“.

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