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TO” Elementalsis a story of (almost) impossible love, a meeting of water and fire, the first of which must extinguish the second. This is a story about prejudices and barriers that are hard to break. But the cases of life are such that sometimes (almost) impossible love loses the brackets. The latest Pixar film currently in theaters tells the story of the City of the Elements, a city where the four basic elements of life – water, fire, earth and air – live in harmony, but on the basis of a rule that does not allow them to mix. But when Amberfire girl, falls in love with Wade, water boy, things get complicated. Rather, they evolve.

In the original version, the main roles are given to voices Leah Lewis AND Mamodu Ati. In the Italian version it was instead Valentina Romani AND Stephen DiMartino. We met Valentina in the last days in Disneyland Paris who, also in connection with the release of the film, decided to characterize the season specifically with Pixar characters with the new show “TogetherÂ, a multimedia and high-tech live show that fuses reality and fiction and features iconic Emeryville House characters Woody, Buzz and other main characters toy storyas well as Sally and Mike Wazowski, Nemo and Dory and many more come to life on stage in a show inspired by music and childhood dreams of life.

“It was the first time I voiced a character without being on stage with my body,” explains Valentina, who is going through a particularly stressful moment from a professional point of view, fresh from the success Exit to the sea and participation in the festival in San Remo, which will return to the Rai program in October, We are legend -. It was a super experience, voicing a cartoon was stimulating and difficult at the same time, it’s something that requires a lot of energy. But I’m happy that I debuted in this field with a character that is very similar to me.” Ember indeed. “She is fire,” says the actress, “and I recognize myself in her. I always say I have fire in my hair because I’m a redhead and I love the idea of ​​being like her even physically.” But not only for this: “Amber has a very strong character, she has a lot of energy, she is sweet and brave. He’s a great character, he has a strong story, he fights prejudice, and I think he’ll make his mark and become a crowd favorite.”

Just like the Pixar characters were for her. TO”toy story He is in my heart, – confirms Valentina, – I love all his characters and especially Woody, even if he is a cowboy and is a male character. When I was at the premiere Together tears welled up in my eyes.” Today, he adds, “I would definitely connect with Amber even if I didn’t voice her. But as a little girl, I also loved the classics, like Cinderella or the miracle that 101 dalmatians. Let’s just say the beauty of Disney World is that it’s always evolving and never taken for granted, and still manages to surprise me like I did when I was a kid.”

But Disney is no longer only synonymous with comics and cartoons, and there are many series that have launched great stars. How Miley Cyrusl’Hanna Montana who made many girls dream (and make many boys fall in love with him), who grew up in the 2000s and was also one of the favorite characters of Valentina, born in 1996. It’s natural to ask her, in light of today’s success, she might feel like Hannah Montana in our house. “The truth,” she smiles, “is that what happened to me was a dream come true, but I still feel like a little girl with big dreams.”

Disneyland is a world of magic, so different from reality, as told, for example, in Exit to the seaWhere did the Romans play? Naditsa, a young Roma girl who was deliberately arrested to avoid a marriage arranged by her family. “This is also a character who left me a lot. The series is about the hardships of being in a juvenile prison, a reality that too little is known about behind these walls. But it also speaks to the difficulty of being outside, as in the case of Nadia, the only one who prefers to stay inside. It’s fiction, but it also opens up a lot of important reflections on the society we live in and the prejudices that need to be overcome.” As is the case with Elemental.

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