“I’m looking for a husband who loves…”

Clear message, no unnecessary words. Arisa swings the net with a post and photos that won’t go unnoticed. Cantata, which last year became one of the Friends of the Judgeposted a series of nude images on Instagram with one clear message: “I appreciate marriage proposals from very healthy people, maximum 45 years old, economically independent, crazy about the female genital organ, especially mine.”

Arisa, a clear message: “I offer body, soul and brain”

Arisa is very clear and continues explain your request. The singer is looking for a husbandwho wants to wake up in the morning with Rosalba Pippa and help her live a full, happy and fulfilling life in perfect harmony with Arisa, her artistic alter ego. It offers loyalty to “truth, body, soul, brain” if deserved, and excellent cuisine. A few mood swings, but everything can be solved with a hug and in good faith. Only serious intentions. Do not lie. No time wasting.”

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