“I’m not going to get out of bed”: the answers Diego Maradona gave to the gymnastic goalkeeper when he woke him up on his birthday

It was noon on October 30, 2020 when Jorge Broun, at that time archer of Gymnastics La Plata, entered the room of Diego Maradona. El Ten was turning 60 and Fatura was in charge of waking him up.

The goalkeeper had gone to his home in La Plata to share a few minutes. I wanted to greet him on a day that would be marked by fire. The deterioration in his health was alarming. There were 26 days until his death.

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Maradona had built a great relationship with his Gymnastics players. But with some of them he had even reached a friendship, as with Broun. So good was the relationship that Ten asked him to come to his house to greet him on his birthday. So it was.

Diego Maradona, on October 30, 2020 (EFE)
Diego Maradona, on October 30, 2020 (EFE)

“He wasn’t going to training,” Broun recounted in an exclusive interview with TN Sports– on the issue of the pandemic and the protocols. Every so often I called him and asked how he was doing. The day before he asked me to come to his birthday. And I went”.

Fatura complied with the request. He arrived at the house around noon on October 30. Maradona was still sleeping. “I waited a while, but I was running late and I had to go. In the afternoon we had to play. Nobody dared to wake him up and those who tried, had not been able to achieve it. So I cheered up and went to pick it up”, Continues the goalkeeper, now in Rosario Central.

“Diego, look, I’m going to screw you up”: Broun’s joke for Maradona

The lights in the room were off. There was almost nothing to see. As he could, Broun got to the bed where Maradona slept and got on. “Wake up, it’s your birthday, we’re here, we’re going to celebrate,” he said.

The response of the Ten was clear. “No, I’m not getting up. Later”. Broun didn’t give up and threw a joke. “Come on, Diego, look, I’m going to screw you up. Do you know who I am? Diego, I am Fatu”He insisted.

Gymnastics and Fencing fans of La Plata and their love for Maradona.  Photo: Clarín.
Gymnastics and Fencing fans of La Plata and their love for Maradona. Photo: Clarín.

Maradona hesitated, but again refused: “No, Fatu, I’m not going to wake up.” Broun returned to the dining room. What he did not imagine was that Diego, despite what he had said, was going to wake up just the same. “After two minutes I hear noises: it was Diego who was waking up.”

Fatura Broun and the last days of Diego Maradona

“After the operation happened, we were worried and attentive. Later Diego could see it well, he wanted to go to Estancia Chica. It felt like one more. The grass was where it felt good. We couldn’t believe it. He could tell, lucid, pulling pranks on the phone. Then, well, what happened happened … ”, says Broun about the last stretch of Maradona’s life.

How you found out about Diego Maradona’s death

“At that time in the gymnastics campus we had a WhatsApp group. On the day of his death, messages began to arrive about it. Zapping, I put on a news channel and they were just giving the sad news. I was left without saying anything. And suddenly my baby, who is now 12 years old, started crying. We hugged and started crying. It was very hard”.

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