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The Dancing for a dream where she rose as two-time champion in 2016 and 2017 pushed her to the honeys of stardom. Despite her start in Combate (Channel 9, 2015), it was undoubtedly at the hands of Tinelli that Flor Vigna also made her way into acting in the series Simona and My brother is a clone, to land in the theater with the works Abracadabra and One week nothing more; in addition to making her weapons as a driver. Looking for new airs in her meteoric career, the 27-year-old was encouraged to give flight to another long-awaited desire: music.

The influencer, who accumulates more than 5 million fans on Instagram, broke into pop in November 2021 with Uy, a song whose clip shows her with Luciano Castro, her current partner; and now he returns to the ring with the brand new Suelta recorded with Miss Bolivia with whom he launched his brand new video.

Her experience in self-management, love, motherhood and the relationship with Saint John; are some of the issues that the artist delved into with DIARIO DE CUYO before going to record her second album.

– Did you think you were going to have this success in this new endeavor?

– I’m happy. Always cheering for something new is difficult. I have been preparing for almost 2 years. My best friend Tavo Lozano is a musician and with him we began to produce, create and compose side by side. So we have 10 songs inside, although we are releasing them one by one.

– From the beginning the idea was to launch you with your own songs?

– Yes. I write the lyrics and Tavito does the musical part. I wanted people to know my songs and what I wanted to tell.

– At what point did the need to dive into this other branch of art arise in you, after you took off in the Dancing …?

– I have been doing theater, music and dance since I was a girl, since I was 11 years old. At that time, I did not have a peso and I was lucky to be awarded a scholarship by the Julio Bocca Foundation where we had subjects of all three things. At 17 I officially started studying and then came the Dancing … and all the fury, so I sang as something therapeutic and catharsis. Just 2 years ago, I started with Tavo to produce. In quarantine, he would send me beats on WhatsApp, I would compose the lyrics and record it with a microphone at home, we would play that. Then I bought a piano, I started studying and I said to myself: “‘I don’t want this to take longer.’ ‘I needed music to have priority in my life and if it didn’t come out the other way I was going to start self-managing. And so on. it was.

– Did it scare you?

– It’s scary. Nobody has everything insured. Obviously I want to grow and get better and better but, if not, I try to think that at least I am creating my life experience. As someone who pays the trip to where he wants, I am paying the trip to my dream of singing.

– Is the idea to just focus on the song and put the rest aside?

– I want to merge everything, mixing the acting and the dance in the clips and in the shows, just as we did in Luna Park with choirs in which I dance and sing.

– What about television?

– There were proposals but I had to tell them no because they took up more time than I could give.

– Did any offer come from Marcelo Tinelli?

– No. Proposals to host an El Trece program, yes, but I couldn’t because it was recorded for 8 hours. Sometimes you have to know how to say no. To which I said yes, it was to a movie in the cinema for which I recorded for 10 days. The idea is to complement.

– What is it about? When can we see you?

– The idea is that it comes out after the first quarter of 2022, we can’t say anything yet.

– How are you doing with Luciano Castro and your professional obligations?

– Lucho is the best! It accompanies me, it motivates me a lot. He gives his life for his own. He is a superhero. He helped me enjoy the moment, he acted as a psychologist listening to me.

– Is he one of the people who demands time for himself?

– We try to divide the times, there are moments that we are full and others that we have to work, he is now recording.

– Are they living together?

– No, but sometimes we spend it at my house or he at mine. We also went on vacation with his boys -NdR. Fausto and Esperanza-, I taught them to rap, to rhyme (laughs)

– Do you have plans to be a mother?

– Much, much later. At 30 I’m going to think about it so that it happens at 35.

– What are your next steps today?

– Throughout January we will give shows and in February we will lock ourselves up to produce a new album. For that, we rent a villa where we will move all the equipment.

– In this outbreak of covid-19, how do you see the panorama for the shows?

– We are going to have to see the issue, it changes all the time because of the virus. We are fully rehearsing and creating the best show to be ready, because it also nurtures us as artists, then we will see where we can go in this situation.

– Are you planning to visit San Juan?

– I’d love to. When I was a girl I went to Santa Teresita on the coast and my neighbors were from San Juan, their names were Pablo and Martín, with them we played paddle tennis every year. From there, I got a love for San Juan.

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