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It’s been a long time since Olive dew She is radiant, splendid, very focused on her professional development, again as a couple and increasingly involved in “the kitchen” of the club of her loves: River plate.

And now, fresh from Dubai, where he spent a few weeks for mysterious personal matters that most related to million-dollar banking operations, Dew made a very important announcement on their networks that many users read as a plain and clear provocation.

It is that, just a few hours after the first anniversary of the death of Diego Maradona, the athlete told on Instagram that she has just joined the surgeon’s list Carlos Trillo and the businessman Matías Barreiro, who wants to get to the Presidency of River in the elections of December 4.

“I am very happy to announce that I am on the list of the United Front x River Plate. Claiming the rights of the fans, considerably improve our house, El Monumental, and transparency in making economic decisions, is our plan”wrote the ex-girlfriend of Ten.

And closed: “River Plate needs us more than ever, let’s use the vote and make history. Can you come with us?”. The blonde added a couple of photos where she is seen dressed in red and white with the candidates, with a big smile.

It is no surprise that the young woman wants to be part of the decision-making of her club, where she even played in the First Division. However, what was striking was the bad timing of the announcement, a day before November 25, such a special date for the environment and fans of Maradona.

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