“I’m with his big friend”

Neelam Gill denies DiCaprio rumors: ‘I’m dating his big friend’

British model Neelam Gill has denied theories about her and Leonardo DiCaprio, who was rumored to have a relationship.

Neelam Gill: DiCaprio gossip

Model Neelam Gill caught in the eye of the storm over rumors of her alleged relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio and she herself, during these hours, decided to make clarity stating: “Just to clear up any rumors, I am not Leonardo DiCaprio’s new love. In fact, I’ve been in a serious relationship with his big friend for many months now. The only reason we were photographed in the same place is because I was there with my partner.

I hope this clears up the fake news about us,” the model said.

The famous Titanic star is also rumored to be dating famous top model Gigi Hadid, but at the moment they are not. confirmation. Leonardo DiCaprio is considered one of the golden bachelors of Hollywood and has always carefully concealed his personal life. The famous actor has been linked with some famous actresses in the past, and many want to know if he will one day come out into the open with a new flame.

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