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Images of an alleged Mandalorian game are leaked

A video has appeared on YouTube showing almost five minutes of a possible game based on The Mandalorian. The legitimacy of the images is unknown, but it seems that they could be real and it would not be too surprising considering the many rumors of a game based on the series.

The images begin by showing the title screen, in which Grogu is seen sitting by a bonfire. According to this screen, the game will be called simply “Star Wars: The Mandalorian“Other leaks show that the game receives the same name in an Xbox control panel notification. The screen shows several options, such as being able to choose between different chapters, one of them called” This is the way. “

After the title screen, images show The Mandalorian descending in an elevator aboard a kind of ship. He then sees two stormtroopers in front of him, taking them out with a third-person shooter match. The Mandalorian then uses his grappling hook to swing through a gap, before hiding from a few more stormtroopers and picking up a weapon upgrade.

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From the images, it appears that the game is a linear third-person shooter with some elements of platforming and exploration. The images end with a short cut scene, before turning black.

If it’s a fake, it’s incredibly elaborate, with unique loading screen artwork, entire modeled environments, and fully coded gameplay elements. It still seems a bit weird, but it’s already a promising sample.

What makes the leak seem even more legitimate is that it appears that the game is being shown to a small group of people, perhaps as an alpha or a technical demo. You can clearly see multiple people in the video, as well as someone turning up the volume on the screen, as if they were introducing themselves. The YouTube title is also a series of random letters, implying that it should never have been found.

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