IMET Clinic and DKMS Foundation join forces to help blood cancer patients

Agustina, four years old, was diagnosed last June with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a very aggressive form of blood cancer. After several symptoms of cold, pharyngitis and bronchitis, tests were performed and the correct diagnosis was given. From that moment on, he started chemotherapy treatment immediately.

“The chemotherapy in his body was very strong, and his defenses were very low. Despite this, she was a very brave and strong girl, always smiling, positive, dancing and making everyone laugh. During the treatment, People realize that childhood cancer is more common than people think. That’s how we got to know many foundations: Agrupación Oncosur, Fundación Niño y Cáncer, Damas de Café, Damas de Verde, Oncomamás; we also learned about bone marrow transplantation and the DKMS Foundation ’, confirms Agustina’s mother, Camila.

Although Agustina has no indications for transplantation at present, many patients need to find suitable donors for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation due to fatal blood diseases. To that end, Agustina’s family joined DKMS in calling to encourage them to sign up as potential donors.

From August 23rd to 31st, the DKMS Foundation and Clínica Imet will jointly organize a large-scale event to register potential hematopoietic stem cell donors and give blood cancer patients a new chance in life, invited to the whole of Punta Arenas Community. Those who want to register must be between the ages of 18 and 55, reside in Chile and be in good health.

“It’s important for us to let people know about the DKMS Foundation because a bone marrow transplant provides a second chance for those who need it,” he said. Compatibility has to do with people’s racial origin. This means that the more Latinos who are registered, the greater the chance of giving those in need a second chance at life.

The invitation invites those wishing to be part of the potential donor registry to come to the Imet Clinic at Avenida Bulnes 04236, Punta Arenas on Tuesday, August 29, where a mucosal cell sample will be taken. This is the way to get involved in an effort to give blood cancer patients a second chance at life.

Those who want more information can write to (email protected) or call +56962148913, Manuel Pérez, DKMS Regional Coordinator, who will be in Punta Arenas from 23rd to 31st August.

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