Imitate Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tests With Stories


RADARMALANGID – A social media follow features stories Snapchat. According to Instagram, and LinkedIn, the the function.

Social Media are reserved for professionals, this assertion in the middle of the test-stories internally. You are planning an expansion of the Tests in the next few months.

“Last year, we started to ask ourselves such stories in a professional context. Stories present themselves for the first time on Snapchat and later adopted by Instagram and Facebook,” writes Pete Davies, Head of Consumer Product LinkedIn posts, as quoted from CNET (3/3).

“The presence of these features had a good reason. They offer an easy way to share updates, rooms, hotel booking, without the you to look perfect and not cling to them forever on your profile,” added Davies.

He imagined that the company or employees about the stories, the LinkedIn to discuss in the format of a new conversation to useful subjects, such as in the context of findings in a field of work or the ideas of the business strategy.

However, Davies does not mention in detail, if LinkedIn will release a feature stories on the platform.

The presence of stories on LinkedIn seems to be the social media efforts belonging to Microsoft to lure younger users. Previously, they have released a number of features of reactions, Newsletter, Trending News and Live Video. All of these features, apparently, managed to increase the level of engagement of users by 25 percent from a year earlier.

Author: Elsa Yuni Kartika
Photo: Business Insider