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Summer sound imola for Romagna

Today is a big day. The protagonists of Italian trap and rap take to the stage of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari racing circuit in Imola. Everything is ready for Imola Summer Sound in Romagna. The great Italian urbanists come together with a common goal. Support the population of Romagna affected by the flood. A day and a long evening for a festival that promises to be unforgettable. The artists perform for free and the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Territorial Security and Civil Protection Agency of Emilia-Romagna.

Today is Imola Summer Sound For Romagna day: gates and artists open

Sfera Ebbasta, Luché, Shiva, Bigmama, Geolier are just some of the names of the attractions of the charity event. But the full list is longer. The gates will open at 16:00. Starting at 5:30 pm, all artists who choose to enter the event for free and donate the net proceeds from the event to charity will take turns taking the stage for real sets.

The idea to gather friends and colleagues and put music at the service of others comes from Sphere Ebbasta, the record-selling womanizer, Luce, the versatile voice of the national urban scene, and Shiva, one of the rappers most loved by new music. generations. And the face of Western Milan.

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0 Sphere Ebbast, one of the organizers of the event.

In addition to them, Jollier will take the stage, who in 2023 broke all his records with sold-out tours and the last two multi-platinum albums. The courage of children AND The Courage of Children – Act II. The list continues with Big Mama, who made herself known on the May Day stage in Rome, Massimo Garanzia, among the representatives of Italian rap from the suburbs, Astro, Ele A, Finesse, a producer who collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Polo. G Sethu, who performed on stage at the Sanremo Festival in 2023, and Tony Boy, who has just completed his contract with Warner Music Italy. Here is the event flyer with a complete list of artists.

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BigMama performed in Sanremo with Elodie. Today he will be on the stage of Imola

Imola Summer Sound: where to buy tickets and donate

The gates open at 4:00 pm, the performance starts at 5:30 pm, around 11:00 pm Sfera Ebbasta enters the stage and closes the evening. Tickets are available on Ticket Master, TicketOne, Ciao Ticket, Viva Ticket, Boxer. Click here to buy. Tickets already purchased on July 7 in Imola for the canceled concert of Sfera Ebbasta, Luchè and Shiva are valid for Imola Summer Sound. Anyone who is unable to take part in the charity action can still donate to the Emilia-Romagna Territorial Security and Civil Protection Agency using Iban IT69G0200802435000104428964.

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Geolier, a young Italian rapper.

Imola Summer Sound for Romagna: concert program

The gates will open at 16:00. From 5:30 p.m., all artists take turns taking the stage. Here is the composition:

  • 17, 30 Axel
  • 17, 50 Digital astronomy
  • 18, 10 Finesse
  • 18, 30 Tony Boy
  • 18, 50 Bigmama
  • 19, 10 sethu
  • 19, 30 Ele A
  • 19.50 Maximum danger
  • 20, 25 Geolier
  • 21, 15 Shiva
  • 22, 05 Luce
  • 23 Ebbast sphere

Mission. “Help? Not a pleasure, but a duty”

Proximity to the flood-affected population and the urgency of solidarity unite the statements of the artists who will perform today for free. Sphere Ebbast said: “It is great to know that the Italian urban scene will come together on one stage to give life to a unique event for such an important reason. We are close to flooded families and we are happy that we can bring back with our music the support we have always received in Romagna.”

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Luce, pseudonym of Luca Imprudente, is an Italian rapper and record producer.

Luce continues: “It is not only a great pleasure for me, but also a duty to make such a gesture for Emilia-Romagna. We can all do things in our own way to help, and what we as artists can do is offer our work. Even if it’s entertainment, we can try to bring a smile, if only for a couple of hours, to children, some of whom may even be from flood-affected areas. I’m honored to be able to help in some way, and it’s great that one of the shows on our tour was a fundraising opportunity so we can at least partly contribute to the relief effort.”

“Music has always brought people together”

“Thanks to music, we have the opportunity to help people who listen to us every day. I am honored to contribute and be present at such an event. We give a big hug to all the families affected by the flood,” Shiva said. And Joliet: “Music has always brought together people, tens of thousands of people who go to a concert together. In this case, it not only unites, but also helps. Doing something for Emilia-Romagna is a responsibility and a duty, and there is nothing more beautiful in the urban world than to lend a helping hand.”

Finally, Massimo Danger: “Seeing the disasters of the floods and the desperation of the people, I thought that we would never be safe, but this invitation reminded me that we can always help each other.”

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