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Imposing and colorful nails are the trend of summer 2021

The best way to complete a look is with freshly painted nails. Take for example Selena Gomez, who recently dazzled us when wearing neon green nails next to eyelids in phosphorescent coral tones.

Also worth remembering is Kylie Jenner who recently took a walk to go for coffee and settle pending with Stunning long and purple nails. We can’t help but mention the Queen, Beyoncé, and her manicure in vibrant orange, created by stylist Mo Qin. Your nails are all we need to create a tropical style by far Glamour newyorkino, at the same time.

Imposing and colorful nails for summer 2021

Selena shared this look in contrasting colors on Instagram.

© Original photo: @selenagomez.

Whether you want to highlight your makeup or put an unexpected twist on the outfit of the day, this summer 2021 revolves around the imposing nails and designs, and we are not surprised. According to the trending reports of the firm WGSN: In this wake-up after the pandemic, consumers “are opting for strong colors and even dare to experiment with creative designs that allow them to express their personality.”

And if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ll leave you at 11 personalities behind the most amazing nails of the summer, so that you carry the manicure perfect:

1. Julie Sariñana (@colordept)

“I spent a lot of time selecting the 7 perfect shades for this summer [para su marca de esmaltes, Color Dept.] I wanted to make sure they were ideal tones to match with any Mood. One of my favorite colors is called Morning Squeeze. It is a bright orange color that brings back nostalgic memories of Mexico and all its beautiful and colorful walls, all over the city. The other would be Kiwi Juice, a fun color, which will undoubtedly make you stand out everywhere.”

2. Juan Alvear (@ByJuanAlvear)

“My favorite style of the moment are the extra long and rounded nails. They look strong, but tender at the same time. If Miu Miu had a nail shape, it would be this one. It also leaves plenty of room to apply the varnish. I’m also opting for chrome bases and very graphic dark colors, they are more unexpected and create a statement forceful, especially for the summer. Also any bitono with glitter that gives a ‘beetle’ type finish. Some bulbous accents also look cute: clients have been asking for raindrops as well as lines of lava lamps.”

3. Michelle Humphrey (@NailsByMH)

“I’m completely in love with green nails right now.. This color is not only trending for summer 2021, but it also looks amazing on the nails as it is a neutral tone but with a modern twist. When choosing your type of green there are no limits on the tone: sage color, spring green, olive green and even khaki green. I love essie ExprEssie’s Cargo-go! For a modern finish you can add a matte green, it is very cool and it’s a way to wear shocking nails without any additional design. Gold tip: When adding the final matte layer, make sure to cover the edges well, so there are no traces of the shiny varnish you used as a base.”

4. Harriet Westmoreland (@HarrietWestmoreland)

“My favorite colors are always a mix of Nude in a tone that complements your skin color. You can’t fail to use those colors. My favorite style is French nails or a single color with a subtle and clean finish near the cuticles. I always finish my manicures applying the oil to the face of Augustinus Bader, which leaves the nails with a perfect shine.”

“For the summer I like to add a style of the nineties: the French nails in neon on brightly colored bases. Be sure to keep the (French) tips very thin so that they look modern, as this style considered old school, is back in a very way cool. The texture should always be soft, shiny, almost as glass. The nail should look perfectly rounded when seen from the sides, and I prefer them short, as this makes them look always more sophisticated.”

4. Mo Qin (@OhMyNailsNYC)

“For the summer I use a lot of brightness and imposing tones. French color tips are very much on trend. I like to mix and match the shades. One color for the small crescent of the nail (close to your cuticles) and another for the tips. Another of my ideal options is the oily chrome varnish, the way it reflects the sun’s rays makes me feel very Fancy“.

5. Natasha Blake (@FuegoNailsLDN)

“My favorite nail looks this summer would be the ones that are full of color, that are forceful and fun. I have been very inspired by psychedelic art and I have noticed that this trend is also repeated among fellow stylists. I feel like it’s the big bet this summer.”

6. Sarah Nguyen (@ChrmdBySarah)

“My obsession of the moment for this summer is neon tones, mattes and also textured ones. The monochromatic style is indefinitely. I love french neon nails in style ombré with 3D textures made with sculpted gel.”

8. Holly Falcone (@HollyFalconeNails)

“I’m seeing a lot of 3D art on nails: transparent bubbles, sculptures with metal finishes and with glass, translucent lava lamp shapes and more subtle details such as raindrops. I’ve also noticed highlights with reflection, including magnetic effects on velvet texture, very colorful chrome varnishes and iridescent finishes. At the end of this whole spectrum, it is worth noting that the classic red is here to stay on your nails“.

9. Pebbles Aikens (@Pebbles_Nails)

“I use a lot of negative spaces with halves of circles in soft colors and pastels; I paint each nail a different color using red and pink, as well as metal bases with the same frosted color on the hands and in a different neon tone, for the feet.”

10. Rebecca Jade Wilson (@RebeccaJadeWilson_Nails)

“We’ll see two big trends this summer. One will be the continuation of the healthy and natural style, with subtle new details of French manicure. Also small details on the little finger like colorful hearts and stars for a more playful touch. The other will be the bright and forceful colors. Wearing vivid and similar tones on all nails will be an important style for the summer.”

11. Sojin Oh (@SojiNails)

“I’m very inspired right now by bright green, orange, yellow, blue and red. My favorite styles are nails with gel sculpted in designs inspired by nature.”

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