Impressive shot from a player from the Vélez Reserve to another from Argentinos at 3 minutes into the game

Velez and Argentinos Juniors They completed Date 22 of the Reserve championship in the Olympic Village. The homeowner tied in injury time thanks to Mateo Pellegrino, Mauricio’s son (coach of the Primera), after having played almost the entire game with one less man due to the expulsion of Mateo Seoane. What did the youthful midfielder from Fortín do? He hit a shocking plate to Juan Jose Cardozo when there were barely 3 minutes of play.

The match referee, Matías Morenza, did not hesitate for a minute to show him the red card and show him the way to the showers. It is illogical to think that the Velez-born boy would want to legally contest the ball in the middle of the court, if the repetitions of the maneuvers are checked, which show that he saw his opponent coming and threw himself in a vehement way, ignoring the position of the player. spherical.

Seoane will be left with the disgust for having missed an important commitment, having left his teammates outnumbered and he would receive a significant suspension from the AFA Disciplinary Court.

At 21 minutes into the complement, Cristian Zermatten made two variations just before a free kick in favor: Renzo Conechny sent the cross and Mateo Diaz Chaves He brushed against it to decree the opening of the scoreboard. The two admitted gave the triumph to those of La Paternal, but in the epilogue, the lungo Pellegrino granted parity.

In this way, the Bug was deprived of being two points behind the leader Boca, who now has a 4 advantage when there are 12 to be disputed. Those from Liniers, who have a pending duel against Talleres de Córdoba, share the tenth position of the table with Atlético Tucumán.


Velez: Matías Borgogno; Gerónimo Ulibarri, Damián Fernández, Valentín Gómez, Tomás Cavanagh; Mateo Seoane, Máximo Perrone, Elías Cabrera; Julián Fernández, Mateo Pellegrino and Federico Versaci. DT: Julio Vaccari

Argentinos Juniors: Lautaro Finochietto; Juan Manuel Cabrera, Román Riquelme, Andrés Alarcón, Alexis Palomeque; Juan José Cardozo, Bruno Guelfi; Yair González, Gastón Verón, José María Herrera; and Thiago Nuss. DT: Cristian Zermatten

Goals: 22 ′ ST Mateo Díaz Cháves (AJ); 48 ′ ST Mateo Pellegrino (F)

Basketball court: Olympic Village

Referee: Matías Morenza


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