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Enrico Brignano at the center of the scandal

Enrico Brignano – “Source: ANSA Photo” –

And here again Enrico Brignano is again at the center of the dispute. This time it’s because of his last performance, But… Let’s talk to you!which not only brought laughter to the faces of countless fans.

No world for Henry Brignanowhat is in again dispute center. Protecting him, as always, will be his most faithful “lawyer”, who he didn’t like it what happened during his last performance, But… Let’s talk to you!. It’s impossible not to laugh when the comedian is around, but this time it was different.

It’s impossible to display everyone is happy and satisfied and this is a famous conductor, an unforgettable voice Olaf From frozenhe knows very well. Fans immediately took their stand on the story, and there are those who lashed out at Enrico and those who didn’t. As it happens then in everyday life. We are interested to know What do you think this whole story.

Chaos around the name of Enrico Brignano

Enrico Brignano is not coming for the first time. focused on social networks with intense controversy. The followers have always taken sides, in the end it works like this: there are those who support him, and those who criticize him, but at the same time continue to follow him. Many times this would be enough move onbut you know, keyboard lions don’t expect anything else sow some hate Net. However, before explaining what happened to the comedian show, we wanted to reveal one of the recent clashes between Brignano and a fan.

VIP or non-VIP, it doesn’t matter when your flight is delayed, anger takes possession of everyone, especially if this inconvenience can ruin the summer holidays. In practice, Enrico spoke out on social media about the problem he faced famous airline: “This is the queue of those who just missed the ITA Airways connection with Bari and Turin at Fiumicino Airport. The ITA staff did not wait for the passengers on the next ITA flight, which was clearly delayed, and no ITA staff member helped, explained, or perhaps apologized for the inconvenience, everyone was ambushed…”

Obviously, the anger is understandable, and in the end, after the outbreak, this would have ended, but the hater answered bad for the conductor, accusing him of contributing to global environmental pollution. He thought about lowering the mood and, above all, about the tones as always his wife, Flora Canto, who bluntly stated: “Then let’s explain again … Do not be distracted, otherwise write minc *** te … The ITA plane from Fiumicino did not wait for them and took off, leaving all passengers on the ground. Now they will stand for another 3 hours, waiting for the proxy… If you understand what happened, write comments, otherwise make burraco and move on.”

Enrico Brignano was attacked for his show

Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano – “Source: Instagram” –

Ticket problems

Henry Brignanoafter the grain of a lost plane flight, he found himself back in dispute centerlike a follower he criticized high, according to him, ticket priceto see his latest show, But… Let’s talk to you!

“It’s easy for you anyway, given the ticket for 92 euros to the Verdi Theater in Florence,” wrote a user, dissatisfied with the price of a ticket, typical of the front rows of the theater. Evidently Brignano’s followers lashed out at him, reminding him that in the end no one is forced to go and watch humorous show. In addition to them, obviously, the “excellent lawyer” of the comedian also wanted to say his word, we are talking about his wife, Flora Kantowho is always ready to defend her husband: “Given your intellectual level, I suggest you go see other artists.”

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