IMSS confirmed massive outbreak of Covid-19 in Hospital in Cabo San Lucas


The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) confirmed a contagion mass of coronavirus in the General Hospital Subzone with Family Medicine number 26 Cabo San Lucas, which has reached 42 employees health from the past April 2.

The institute said that until the moment are diagnosed 42 workers that include: medical staff, nursing, administrative, managers and other categories, which presented a clinical state stable, without having required none of them assisted ventilationare in isolation and surveillance-home.

The IMSS he explained the personal health and the successors in title are vulnerable before outbreaks epidemiologicalso a few days were identified two cases between hospital workers with symptoms that met the operational definition for Covid-19.

He mentioned that from the first moment that he had knowledge of it took action for avoid the spread of the viruswith sampling which were sent to the central laboratory for epidemiological and the patients suspected sent to their homes. Similarly requested the lab to expedite the results of the tests, so that the 2 of April received a reply with the notification of the contagion.

He expressed that in this situation, the IMSS implemented a series of actions immediately, among them the sending a brigade with multidisciplinary team institutional face-to-face, which will remain until the achievement of the actions outlined for the mitigation and containment of the virus.

Reported that the security of their workers it is a priority for provide care effective and of quality. Called to the population “support and trust in the medical and nursing staffbecause they have the first contact care for cases of Covid-19for what it is fundamental to be supportivebecause that is your responsibility address the health emergency“.

Also invited the society to stay in your home, to avoid a handshake, kiss and hugrespect healthy distance and do responsible use of the health units.

In addition, it is intensified the cleaning and sanitation 100% of the areas of the hospital; has been granted disability by 14 days symptomatic breathing; it gives follow-up and surveillance the clinical status of all workers Covid-19 positive and suspectsalso implemented in all Medical Units the state filters health for health workers, with the purpose of identify suspects in a timely manner.

He pointed out that the Hospital of Cabo San Lucas it has been considered the hospital of reference for the care of patients with respiratory symptoms, but combined with the fact that their services basics continue to in the normal way.

This case adds the IMSS in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, where at least 20 doctors contracted the virus, and the state of Coahuila where it infected 29.

With respect to the case the Edomexthe director the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, denied the start of transmission of the virus would within the health centre.

The outbreak was not hospitable, ” said Robledo, ensuring that started the March 10, and that initially we detected three cases of coronavirus in the hospital: a patient and dI doctors that they had no contact with each other.

“Took to the samples to all the doctors and effectively there are twenty doctors confirmed”, he added.

Denied similarities with another outbreak in the city of Monclovain Coahuila, where infected 29 medical.

Two weeks ago, the staff the hospital of Tlalnepantla protested to the doors of the building to require equipment doctor for address the cases of Covid-19.

The outbreak, emerged in Wuhan, China, at the end of last year has left 2,785 infected and 141 deaths in Mexicoaccording to the most recent official report.

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