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Reynosa, Tamaulipas – Given that coffee is one of the leading beverages after water, representatives of the health field have discovered that consuming certain amounts of caffeine throughout our lifetimes can be fatal because it not only contains It is a stimulant of hormones, but it can also affect blood pressure levels and endanger the health of consumers.

IMSS Family Medicine Unit No. 33 in the city warns that caffeine “is a product that is not memorable when abused, especially if the person consuming it suffers from a chronic degenerative disease.”

This is why IMSS urges all citizens to avoid excessive coffee consumption, as taking care of yourself may lead to health problems such as insomnia, tremors, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and reduce work capacity, especially for those who are not used to drinking coffee.

It is worth noting that coffee and other caffeinated beverages, such as energy drinks, soft drinks, and some teas, are contraindicated in cases of digestive disorders such as gastritis or peptic ulcer, as the substance increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid and gastric Protease, thus causing damage to human health.

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