In 2022, more than 1,300 hepatitis C patients will be tested and treated in Catalonia

Barcelona, ​​28 July (European Press) –

Catalonia has diagnosed and treated 1,388 people in 2022 thanks to early detection of hepatitis C infection, the Catalan Ministry of Health reported on Friday, coinciding with World Day against Viral Hepatitis.

The department has ensured that prevention-focused actions are prioritized in line with WHO’s strategy to reduce new infections, screen for early diagnosis and facilitate rapid and simplified access to treatment.

In Catalonia, since the introduction of AARTs in 2015, a total of 28,556 people have been treated for HCV as of December 2022, of whom 1,388 were treated in 2022.

Both chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infections can progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer, and the fact that many of these infections can be asymptomatic makes strategies to identify and treat them critical.

In Catalonia, approximately 9,600 people died from hepatitis C and B from 2015 to 20120, a figure of 12.7 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020.

Implemented projects

Strategies to intensify screening and identification of asymptomatic or hidden cases have been deployed in Catalonia, notable among which is the pilot experience conducted by primary school doctors in 57 CAPs in Barcelona, ​​which identified 608 potentially infected people.

The health sector has also developed a program for drug users who have a higher prevalence of hepatitis C than the general population, and a project for immigrants from countries with a high prevalence of hepatitis C, which has been implemented in Catalonia 1,500 screenings were conducted in the four regions of the country.

On-site screenings have also begun at homeless care centers since November 2022, and more than 300 people have been screened and 4 people with hepatitis C virus infection and 3 people with hepatitis B virus infection have been confirmed By.

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