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In a bikini with fringed edges, Mia Khalifa caught all eyes

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Mia Khalifa took all eyes with her look.

In recent years, the name of Mia Khalifa became one of the most popular worldwide. The young Lebanese woman who resides in the United States never imagined that her brief three-month stint in the pornographic industry would make her a the best-known actress in the industry.

On your Instagram account, Mia Khalifa it has more than 25 million users who follow it. Likewise, they take advantage of each of your publications to show you the affection they have for you through the comments. This time it was no exception and the brunette fell in love with her followers.

This Thursday, Mia Khalifa shared a series of images in which she can be seen with a white bikini with overflowing edges that caught the attention of netizens. In a matter of hours, the celebrity garnered more than a million likes and thousands of messages.

In July of this year, the famous had made the news after announcing her separation after two years of marriage with the chef Robert Sanderg. At that time, he expressed that they did couples therapy for a year to be able to end the crisis they were in, but in the end it did not work.

The decision was informed by the couple themselves in their respective social networks.s. “We walk away knowing that we have a friend in the other and that we really try”, wrote Mia Khalifa along with a photo in which you can see the shadow of the two while walking.

What stood out the most in this post is that the influencer restricted comments so that no one can write or comment on the breakup. He also said that the separation was not caused by an isolated incident but was the product of fundamental, unsolvable differences for which no one can blame the other. “We will always love and respect each other”, he concluded.

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